[New Plugin] Outstanding Onboarding - Product Tour

Introducing Outstanding Onboarding - Product Tour, the best way to help your customers reach their “Aha!” moment :rocket:

Demo: Outstanding Onboarding | DragDropDevelop
Plugin page: Outstanding Onboarding - Tour Plugin | Bubble

Onboarding recording

Key Highlights:

:hammer_and_wrench: Simple Installation
Add as many steps to the tour as you need and start it automatically or from the click of a button!

:art: Customisable
Customise the look and feel of the step modal to fit your brand! From the background color to the text size, it’s all up to you.

:muscle: Flexible
Whether it’s one line of text or your own custom code, put whatever you like in each step!

Does it work well in the old responsive engine?

Dude, I usually will never do such comment… but this seems exactly like A+ Onboadring from @alexcooney5 , including layout, internal structure and the way to set it up.

Hard to imagine that everything is a coincidence…

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To be honest, I haven’t checked this on the old engine. I’ll take a look and let you know!

Hey @rpetribu,

I appreciate you calling that out!

Before building this plugin, I did have a look to see what other plugins there were out there to get a sense of the demand for this. Being the the most popular one on the market, I of course saw @alexcooney5 's.

Given we both are using the same underlying open source project (https://shepherdjs.dev/) there’s only so much variation that can be achieved. The way steps are added, the events it produces, the way you define the content and the way the tour is started is of course going to be very similar.

With that in mind, my focus was on customisation being my differentiating factor. In particular, more customisation of the modal header, content and buttons. There’s much that Alex’s does that I haven’t added and likely won’t add.

My goal wasn’t to create a copy, but rather an alternative to existing plugins that offer a different choice.

@alexcooney5 I’m happy to share my code with you if you want to take a look and see if there’s any concerns you have!

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@ri_scc_94 Just finished giving it a test run on the old responsive engine. Had to dig deep into my app archive to find one still on the old engine :see_no_evil:

Thankfully everything worked great so you should be fine using it on an app with the old engine. If you happen to run in to anything that doesn’t work, just give me a shout!

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great!!! Thanks!