[New Plugin] - PlanitSMS (Simple Account OR Sub-Account per App User) - Global SMS, MMS, Automated Text to Voice Phone Call, FAX, Physical Post Cards & More!

PlanitSMS - http://dashboard.planitsms.com.au

PlanitSMS is a global app owners dream. Our service allows you to SMS, MMS, TTS (Text-to-speech) voice call or Voice Email, FAX, Email, Send Physical Documents in the post, Upload jpeg,png or even PDF’s so we can convert them & send a physical Post Card to the requested postal address!, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, AUTOMATION! (Opt-in, auto action on response, answering machine, phone call key pad dial actions), All services also include Email initiate incase you would prefer to send an email from bubble to convert to a SMS and still retain the custom sender ID, Per sub account address lists and MUCH MORE, through this PlanitSMS plugin You can access these services and charge your clients for the services on the fly as you can request the cost of what your about to send live as you create the content before you send it meaning no surprise charges! OR use the sub account feature and have your app use the plugins api call to create accounts for your users and we will take care of there credits and payments!

You can control settings, credits, sub-users, permissions & services from inside your dashboard at http://dashboard.planitsms.com.au


Login to your dashboard and grab your API credentials to do all the heavy lifting from the API using the bubble plugin.

Credit packages are wide spread with all use cases in mind, credit packs are shown in category’s of products but credit is credit and you can use it on any product. you can customize the package currency in the menu to the right.

Head to http://dashboard.planitsms.com.au & signup, grab your API key, then use your username & API Key to see where your creative bubbliness takes you. The best way to see exactly what you can achieve is to create an account and check out what’s available.

TEST PHONE NUMBERS: (you wont be charged - for setting thing’s up.)

  • +61411111111 or 0411111111
  • +61422222222 or 0422222222

or for the full list or test numbers including test email addresses, fax numbers and other useful insights grab the PDF from here: http://docs.planitsms.com.au

To view prices/top-up options go to your account, click “Account’s” then “Billing/Recharge” you can even select different country’s to view up to date pricing.

This is a Global Service! No-one misses out!

I am still adding call as there are a massive amount and I am testing each one as I go so please be patient. If you require a certain task and its not yet available please contact me.

ALL SUPPORT REQUESTS, Please direct your emails to [email protected]

Current Integrated Calls:

Create Sub Account (data)
Create Sub Account (Action)
Get All Sub Accounts (data)
Get All Sub Accounts (Action)
Get Specific Sub Account (data)
Get Specific Sub Account (Action) (data)
Update A Sub Account (data)
Update A Sub Account (Action)
Delete a Sub Account (data)
Delete a Sub Account (Action)
Regenerate Sub Account API Key (data)
Regenerate Sub Account API Key (Action)
Get Price TTS Voicemail (data)
Get Price TTS Voicemail (Action)
Send TTS Voicemail (data)
Send TTS Voicemail (Action)
Get SMS Price (data)
Get SMS Price (Action)
Send SMS (data)
Send SMS (Action)
Add Return Address (data)
Get Price to Send Letter (data)
Add Return Address (Action)
Delete Return Address (data)
Delete Return Address (Action)
Upload & Convert File (data)
Upload & Convert File (Action)
Get Postcard Price (data)
Get MMS Price (data)
Get MMS Price (Action)
Send MMS
Send MMS (Action)
List Package Prices (data)
List Package Prices (Action)
Account Usage (data)
Account Usage (Action)
Send Activation Token (data)
Send Activation Token (Action)
Verify Activation Token (data)
Verify Activation Token (Action)
Forgot Account Username (data)
Forgot Account Username (action)
Forgot Account Password (data)
Forgot Account Password (Action)
Get Fax Price (data)
Get Fax Price (Action)
Send Location SMS (data)
Send Location SMS (Action)
List Automation Rules (data)
List Automation Rules (Action)
Get Price to Send Letter (Action)
Get Postcard Price (action) (data)
Send Postcard (data)
Send Postcard (Action)

Many more to come including, Automation task calls, per user contact lists, Email, SMS & MMS Marketing Campaign’s, Templates for physical media like post cards, letters & flyers. Dedicated numbers, Short codes, Control over using the services via email submission by controlling the allowed email addresses and permissions using the API. History, Reporting & Statistics overall, per user or based on time. Schedules across all services, Sending for up to 1000 messages per API call, more in depth SMS & Email Geolocation Services, Routing of reply’s when using shared or dedicated numbers and short codes. Calls for information gathering such as phones carrier and if the device is off or out of range ( you can use the reply data to find this information now but I think there is good reason to add specific calls).

  • Some users have reported an error message during signup, if you experience this please ignore it and continue to sign into your account. The issue is being investigated.
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