NEWBY - Make 2 APIs talk to each other

Im trying to send sms confirmations to my customers using PLANYO reservation system outputting to Privo SMS system.

The trigger is: add_notification_callback
input is: reservation_confirmed

Need to pull from planyo api: get_reservation_data
output is: start_time

Moblile # comes from: get_user_data
output is: mobile_phone

Sample text message sent would be “Your reservation at ABC is confirmed for {start_time}”

Plivo API is at

IM more than happy to give financial thanks to anyone who can help me piece this together using Bubble if possible

It looks fairly straight forward.
What problem specific to bubble are you having?

I would first make sure your api calls are going to work right with your key - did you test in their sandbox?

Second have you setup the pianyo api calls using bubble’s api connector and verified that it’s pulling the request correctly?

Firstly, thank you greatly for taking the time to respond.

I am new and a novice. I do have my own server and familiar with basic php using joomla as my cms.

But is my booking system and plivo is the sms sender. Im trying to connect the two systems. I feel like i should be able to simply have a page on my server that is hit by a chronjob periodically that then processes the api connection.

But i just am not technical enough to know how to do it. So i was hoping this bubble concept might bridge the gap in my skill.

I have api for both systems and both system support say it will work without issue if i place the api calls.

You may want to look at . Planyo didn’t look that sexy but I don’t know what features you have to have. :wink: