[New Plugin] Print - Free Version

A simple action you can assign to button’s, clicks, action’s or almost anything to a print page dialog to your users.

This is the very simple version, I will be releasing a Pro version that will allow many features including print certain elements, print page parts or print data in a template once the bubble plugin store is finished.


Where is the plugin?

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yer ive been wondering the same thing all day. it is published. i just republished it i will see if that has done the trick.

there we go… its now at version 1.0.2… cant understand why it didnt publish the first time at version 1.0.1.

Works like a charm :tada:. thanks!!

Looking fot an action that will capture a group and its visible elements into an image, does this thing do this?

the pro version does. i will be releasing it once bubble opens the plugin store.

Good, i want the capture to adjust to the size of the group automatically

you will be able to even define a template, i am aiming to capture the invoice/receipt side of business apps including coupons, letters, tables and much more!

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The Pro will be very useful. How soon is this going to be available… Just for planning on my side of town.

Hey @phuthi, to attempt to answer for @jarrad, the release i guess will be available when Bubble makes the plugin store available.
So you should ask Bubble though they’ve said its on the way but we’re all dont know when.

Ok thanks. Thought maybe Jarrad would have in closer communication with Emmanuel around approximate timings etc?