[New Plugin] Print Tool

Hey there Bubblers!
We launched a new plugin, Print Tool, for Bubblers looking to allow their users to do some printing functions. Choose from the following functions:

  1. Print page
  2. Print a Selected Element
  3. Print a default templated invoice

More info here: Print Tool Plugin | Bubble
Demo link: https://print-tool-demo.bubbleapps.io/

Do let us know if you have any feedback or requests for more plugins!

Happy nocoding,


Hey Tony,
Congrats on the new plugin!
I’m looking to find a tool that will allow my users to print recipes.
Will this tool allow me to customize how a recipe will look and be “printer friendly”?

I’ve found that the other print tools always try to print the full page size which can cause a lot of blank space if the user has their web browser very wide.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question. We have a function that allows you to print a selected element(recommended to use a group).

I have tested with bars on the side and also text at the bottom(this is my page view):

This is the print output(the grey area above is the selected group to print):

Do note that the printed element should have a max-width/fixed-width to ensure that it does not become too wide. Also, the element is aligned to top left in print so if you want the text inside to be centered, you will have to adjust inside.

Let us know if this answers your question!

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Very cool! You said " if you want the text inside to be centered, you will have to adjust inside". Inside the print dialog or inside the plugin?

Can this plugin be used to print multiple pages?

Oh, I was referring to adjusting in the element editor/responsive editor. The plugin is quite straightforward, you only need to identify which element you want to print. Do feel free to check out the demo!

The ‘Print Page’ function will print whatever is on your app page. If your app page is long enough to fit multiple pages, the printing will also extend to fit multiple pages. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Can the Print Element function also be used to print multiple pages?

No, we don’t recommend to use the ‘Print Element’ function to print multiple pages, as the responsive settings in bubble might mess up the alignment of the print.

The recommnded way is to create a separate page that you can create specifically for printing, then to load that page and allow user to print from there.

so did you destroy the previous print tool, as my workflow mysteriously stopped working probably during the same time, and users only recently reported it

Hi @dbyrne !

Nope, we did not launch any previous print tool, this is the only print plugin we’ve released. We checked and our plugin is working fine, refer to the demo link in the first post!

Do remember to keep the plugin updated to the latest version, and DM us with screenshots if you continue to face an error. Thanks!

Hi. Thank you for building this plugin. I have a question please.

Below is how the Group looks like on my app:

However, when printed it looks like this:

Any idea why this big difference ?