[NEW PLUGIN] Recurring date scheduler 🗓

We often have to build google calendar-like features to add a list of dates on a recurring schedule. This plugin lets you do exactly that in a performant & flexible way, without having an opinion about how to integrate it into your UI.



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We’re using the plugin in this live demo: Building a simple CRM in Bubble

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I tried finding it in the plugins store. Is it published yet?

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Yes! Should be over here: Recurring date scheduler Plugin | Bubble

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Found it thanks

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I was not able to find it from a free plan app. Had to go into one of my paid apps to see it.

I see 2 installs of this plugin since November.

Perhaps this is a reason why some more folks cannot see its function? Usually, one starts to build an app under the free plan until at some point after you change to a paid plan. Apparently one time payment plugins do not show in free plan apps. Might be something to re-examine Mike.

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Hmm that’s strange - we built it in a private app in November but only finished today. Thanks for sharing! that’s definitely worrying.

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I am sure you will find a fix with Bubble. Pretty interesting plugin btw! :+1:t2:

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Thanks!! :muscle:

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Hello, using this plugin, it’s good.
Just wondering what to do in the following scenario:
A recurring schedule is created to occur on the 30th of each month. How can we make it so that in February, it automatically changes this to the last day of February? (including for when it’s a leap year).

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Another question: if the Until Date field and the Count field are left empty, can the count not default to anything? As in basically run without ending?

This is regarding the following from the plugin notes: “With Until you can specify the end date for the schedule. If it is left empty, the plugin will generate the amount of events specified by Count which defaults to 30”.

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hey @dann9 sorry for the late reply, i think if you do that your browser will freeze lol

just put it on a very big number, im pretty sure even google calendar doesn’t generate infinite amouns of events if you hit a recurring event!

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Hi @mike7,

Thanks for this plugin, works brilliantly! Especially like that I can build my own UI and choose what features to use.

I have one request/question:

  • Some of my users want to schedule a recurring event for ‘the first, last, 2nd, 3rd, 4th’ weekday (eg Friday) of the month.

I don’t see a way to set this up with the current options. Am I missing something, or is this truly not possible at the moment. If not, this would come in very handy… :pray: :smiley:



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Hi Steven,

I’ve added this to our backlog! I agree it’d be a great feature for a next version.

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Hey Steven,

We’ve just built out this feature! Let me know if this would work for you: https://recurring.bubbleapps.io/version-test

It’ll be updated in the plugin soon :v:

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Hi Mike,

So cool. Thanks a million. That seems to be it. The generated dates aren’t updating for me however when I input something in the Nth day inputs. So can’t test.

Only part missing to get in to 100% is the ‘last’ weekday of the month option. Like this:

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Hey Steven,

Make sure to include the “By Weekday” field first (i.e. put TUESDAY there), and then include the “Nth Weekday of the month” field - that should generate the right dates.

And that’s a great idea, we’ve had multiple people ask for that. It’s on our radar!

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Hey @mike7 - wondering if the “nth weekday of the month” feature is available in the plugin? I can’t seem to find it in the Scheduler element. If it’s not available yet, do you have an estimate on the launch date? Thanks in advance.

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hey @joerhew are you on the latest version of the plugin?

there should be a bunch of options for nth weekday now

if you want to set up nth weekday of the month (using monday as an example) make sure you:

  • have a frequency of monthly
  • by weekday contains the name of the day like MONDAY
  • set a value on Nth Monday

to arrive at something like this

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Hey Mike,

Does this take Daylight savings into account. For example, i need to schedule 9am every Monday for 13 weeks I try this in Bubble, even changing the hours and minutes on the date +7days and Bubble adjusts it for DST. In my example, everything after March 13 gets set to 10am. I don’t want it to do that.

@mike7 what do I set the Null to?

I just want it to do nothing, not add any dates.
Your documentation does not cover null.
Here is the error:
The plugin Recurring Date Scheduler / element Scheduler threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘toString’)

Thank you :wink: