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Recurring Dates or Recurring Events in Bubble

I have an app that creates events. I am running into trouble trying to create repeating events. Ideally I need something like the attached screenshot where when a user selects a day they can select how the event will repeat. They need to be able to select a specific time and then I need to be able to create events with each of those new time frames. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start?

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Ok I am in the process of solving this and wanted to document the answer for anyone else. Thanks to @J805 for your help and @romanmg and @keith for your previous forum posts related to the topic.

To solve scheduling a date for any series of repeating dates following an initial date I had to start by finding the days to repeat of the following week. To do this I used the below formula.

NewRepeatingDate = StartDate + 7 - DAYOFWEEK(StartDate + 7 - DayOfFollowingDayofWeek)

*It’s helpful to know that bubble counts days of weeks from 0-6 so Sunday is 0 and Saturday is 6.

If this all looks confusing … it is.

NewRepeatingDate is the day you are trying to find.
StartDate is the current date you are starting with to find the following week. I force my users to repeat on the Start Date. So for example if a user wants their event to repeat on Thursdays and Tuesdays, but their event starts on a Friday, it would automatically repeat on Fridays, Thursdays, and Tuesdays since the event starts on a Friday. In order for an event to only repeat on Tuesday and Thursday their event would have to start on either a Tuesday or Thursday.
DAYOFWEEK is a an extraction for the day we will need to perform on (StartDate + 7 - DayOfFollowingDayofWeek)
DayOfFollowingDayofWeek is the extracted (non StartDate) you are trying to find.

***FYI the answer to this is to schedule Workflows that schedule themselves.

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Great job! So glad you got it working. :raised_hands:


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