[NEW PLUGIN] Repeating Group Swiper

Hi Everyone!

We just launched a new plugin to transform your repeating groups into into a sleek swiper, slider or carousel! This is the ideal plugin if you want to display cards, images or even make your own Tik-Tok clone. It offers two different animations and can be used for both horizontal and vertical layouts.

:white_check_mark: Customizable
:white_check_mark: Performant
:white_check_mark: Sleek

Get the plugin :point_right: here
View the editor :point_right: here
View the demo :point_right: here


Just tried it from mobile. Nice one. :fire:

hey! This works perfect. Just one question. How does the event “A Swiper Changed” work?

I was hoping I could fire off a workflow once I swipe the repeating group, but I haven’t been successful in doing this. Tried to fire off a simple alert message, just to see if that would work, and it didn’t work.

Other than that - all great! I can both swipe and also achieve the required animations while clicking on preset buttons (might need it this way too, still haven’t decided yet).

Hi, is there a way to have an auto scroll, with 1 page being displayed every x seconds?

Hey there!
I think this could work if you set up the ‘do every X seconds’ workflow in Bubble and add the action ‘Next Swiper’. Then, make sure to set your Swiper element on ‘loop’ so it will loop over all items and it won’t stop at the end of the repeating group.

Let us know if this works!

It randomly stopped working when I enabled an experimental feature on bubble. I’ve sent you an email as well. Could you please look into it?

We’re experiencing some bugs in the Bubble plugin editor! That’s why things might stopped working for you. Could you please make sure you’re on the 1.1.2 version of the plugin? The Bubble team is aware of these bugs and they will hopefully solve this soon so we can update the plugin again!

Everything setted up correctly and the images on RG keeps this way…

found a ‘solution’, if I resize the page it works, but if not it keeps like the print

Hey there!
Could you try unchecking the ‘keep element aspect ratio fixed’ for the image?
It’s best to use responsive image settings where everything get’s scaled based on the page!

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hello, while using this plugin, when there are repeating groups within a swiping group that can slide further, I am unable to slide the inner group as the parent group gets swiped instead. Is it possible to make improvements such as restricting the swiping area to only the edges?

In addition, when I switch to the latest version “Name change”, all functions cease to work. Please fix this. Thank you.

Hey there!
Could you please send a video of what you’re trying to build with the inner group that needs to slide? Also, access to the editor would help us a lot with debugging the issue.

About the latest version, this is an issue with the Bubble plugin editor. But we show it on the demo page that you shouldn’t use the latest version because of this. Please make sure you use 1.1.2!

hi @minimumstudio
I sent that video to your DM
Please confirm.

great plugin, the only issue I have is that it seems it only works when the swiper is inside the repeating group, yet on your demo its outside it and still works, so not sure what im doing wrong

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Hello there!

Why are you placing the plugin inside the repeating group? that would give you many sliders, normally you would apply one slider to a repeating group, to have only one slider with many slides.
If it does not make sense to you, feel free to share a link to your editor in view mode and we’ll help you out!