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Sometimes simple things convert on tricky situations…
So… how to reveal and hide password in one single step instead of creating multiple inputs/custom states?

Answer: Install Reveal plugin!

Link to plugin: Reveal & Hide Password Plugin | Bubble
Documentation, demo & editor: Reveal & Hide Password Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

Update 20-th of Feb 2019:
This plugin has been acquired by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @ZeroqodeSupport in your post


@yusaney1 is a new kind of hero. A bubble hero :slight_smile:

So some guys are refloating a December 2016 post about password reveal but don’t want to complicate things…

Just let me code that into a plugin and make it free to make Bubble even better and help the community grow.

Thanks man!

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This plugin has been acquired by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @ZeroqodeSupport in your post

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I just installed the plugin and I am getting the following error message when I click the icon that sets the workflow to toggle the reveal

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 7.57.13 PM

I believe the debugger showed the same error message

This is the workflow set up

I created a test app and it works without a problem, so then I created a page in my app that threw the error message and when using the plugin on a page, there is not issue.

The error message occurred when I attempted to use the plugin in a reusable popup for logging in or sign up. So, I created a new reusable popup and tested without any issue.

What I ended up finding out was that I had two inputs on the same reusable element with the same ID attribute. So if any other user gets an error message like this in the future, the reason may more than likely be because there are multiple inputs with the same ID attribute.

Thanks for having this as a free plugin. I’ve used this and the countable plugin to make a password input work as I’ve seen on UX blog posts. Super Excited.

Hello @boston85719

Let us check this out and be back to you asap. Thanks for understanding.

No worries…I posted to highlight an error on my side so other users may trouble shoot if they encounter the same.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the plugin.I had two inputs with the same ID attribute that caused the error.

It will be nice for Bubble to let us know when we use the same ID when entering the information. After months, you forget what you did as a variable choice and it’s so easy to choose one that already exists.


@boston85719 Have you got this Reveal password working? I can’t get it to show password even though I have followed the same method in Zeroqode editor.

Yes I have

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Great. I have missed out on the element ID and never knew about that. After some digging in the forum, managed to go to Setting and change the setting to expose element ID.

@ZeroqodeSupport hello! I have the following error - could you please help me?

Hi @silasuzdalia.polkado, thanks for reaching out.

Please be sure to indicate the input element ID in “Toggle Reveal” action.

Please check here how to enable an ID attribute: How do you enable an ID attribute to a input box or any item

Hope the provided hint will help. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help with about our plugin.

Zeroqode Support Team


I have installed your plugin and it works pretty fine.

I have just one question.

My login/signup is in a popup in the index page. If the user decides to leave the login/signup process and closes the popup I want all inputs to reset. So, I have used the action Reset Popup signup/login to achieve that as per image below.

All inputs reset correctly.

The only thing that does not reset to the original status (password hidden) is the plugin element Reveal. The Reveal element remembers the last user selection (hide or show password) actioned through the Toggle action.

Is there a way to reset the Toggle Reveal PW to hidden when closing the popup?

Thank you!

Hi @dodo,
Thank you for reaching out, we highly appreciate using our plugins. :pray:

We’ve carefully checked your use case and tried to reproduce it on our side.
Basically, after the Pop-up is closed and you are resetting the data, you should add the action in the workflow: Toggle Reveal with the condition only when → Reveal Toggle Visible is “yes”.
This did work on our side when the password is visible and you close the pop-up the action is triggered after resetting the data if the password is not visible then after closing the pop-up it will not be triggered.
Please check the screenshots below and the test demo page:

Hope it helps.
In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

Thanks a lot! It worked :+1:

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Hi @dodo,
You are always welcome, we are glad it helped. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you like our plugins you can rate them by going to the Plugins tab in Bubble editor. Find the plugin by name and it gives it as many stars as it deserves.
We will appreciate this a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, feel free to reach us.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

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Dear all,

I have to check with you guys, but when I put this plugin on, and I tried to register via mobile to test, it showed error on my Google Chrome that this website is not safe.

Is it possible to be related to this plugin? It has some safety concerns I guess…
Any way to bypass that?

Thank you for the tips!

Hi @marko.milojkovic.aut,
Apologies for the late reply. :pray:

We haven’t received any similar complaints from other users, and upon testing the plugin for your request, we didn’t encounter any similar issues. To further troubleshoot, could you try removing the plugin element to see if the Chrome error still persists?

If the error disappears after removing the plugin element, we’d be more than happy to check the plugin within your app to identify the root cause of the problem, if that would be convenient for you.

Thanks! Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team