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[New Plugin] Sales & Conversion Funnel

Hey Bubblers, I just released “Sales & Conversion Funnel ” — a plugin to enable you to add a nice sales/conversion funnel visualization to your app. Here are a few demo screenshots:

Example in run mode (you can access the public editor link on this page as well)

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to reach out with input or feedback.


I’m having trouble using the Funnel with dynamic data

  • Do the values have to be in a specific type (integer, for example)
  • Do the values need to be from the same data source or can I use different data sources?
  • I have the labels in text and the values in dynamic data, does that matter?
  • When testing the chart, it only shows me the labels and nothing more

Please help.

Note: It would be really useful to have a demo with dynamic data.

Hi @jjaramillo – thanks for reaching out

  1. The funnel number values can be decimals or integers
  2. You can use different data sources for the numerical values as long as they numbers form a comma separated list. For the text labels they should be comma separated text lists
  3. For the labels, you can have them in static text as long as they are comma-separated
  4. Please DM me a link to your editor/run-mode so I can take a look.


Thanks for the quick response!

Probably easier if I just send you a picture with my configuration


I’m using data from Facebook Marketing API and others from a database in Bubble.

Hey @jjaramillo – thanks for the screenshot.

If you (1) copy and paste the entire expression for the Value, (2) paste it into a text element, and then (3) click “run” what do you see in run-mode?

Can you please send me a screenshot of that?

Ok, based on your comment and after doing some tests:

  • I changed the values a little bit as the Facebook API results in a list of numbers so I just needed to sum them to have just one number… I simplified it a little bit like this:

  • When in run-mode, I get this (at the left is the text element and at the right is the chart which only shows the labels)

Still not working…

Hi Alex, just wanted to come by and tell you that the “overflow” error is still happening, with the funnel drawing outside the element box. Also, the labels are still being drawn in the top left corner on every data update and the data is being sorted large to small.

Thank you once again for your prompt response


Hey Alejandro,

Thanks for the follow up! I sent you a reply email (not sure if it went through?) but I’m still working on the issue with the top corner label. Keep you posted on this one.

Regarding the overflow error, could you share with me a screenshot of the editor setup and run-mode? I’m not able to reproduce this one.


Hi Alex, sorry didn’t see the email!

I haven’t deployed it to Live, I’m testing under dev-mode.

The setup is as follows:

Thank you very much!

@aestela – thanks for the screenshots – don’t for get the run-mode screenshots as well (the ones on the preview page). Could you also share with me what the values expression evaluates to?

I’ve also pushed a potential fix in v1.10.4 to address the issue regarding the labels occasionally showing up when the data changes. Could you take a look and let me know how it’s working for you?


Hi Alex! thank you very much! the labels have been fixed!

Regarding the values the searches evaluate to are:

Hi @aestela – thanks for those values. You’re on v1.10.5 of the plugin? I’ve created a test page with those values here: Funneldemo | Bubble Editor

And it’s appearing fine on my end. Let me know if you’re on v1.10.5 and still experiencing the issue!