[New Plugin] Selected Text Menu & Text Highlighter

Hello Bubblers,
I’ll introduce you this new plugin Selected menu & Text highlighter

This plugin will:
1- Enable your custom made menu’s to appear once a text is selected (just like in this picture).

2- Provide you with access to user’s selected text.
3- Enable your users to highlight and unhighlight text as they navigate through your website (just like in this picture).

Full explanation, tutorial and demo of the plugin is available here

This plugin is totally free but you can thank me for it by buying me a coffee here:

I’ll try to keep making free bubble plugins in the future.

If you have any idea for a new plugin or an extra add-on or issue with this plugin, please let me know.

Happy Bubbling! :star_struck:


@ahmadnaser16an, this is amazing! I have been searching for this for months now. Love, love, love this! I did notice there appears to be a glitch when using the highlight/unhighlight feature. Highlighting works well, but unhighlighting results in what appears to be a single character of text not erasing.

Highlighted text:
Erase selection:
Result of erase:

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Glad that you finally found what you’ve been looking for,
I’ll try to fix that problem and will get back to you when It’s fixed

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Many thanks, @ahmadnaser16an! I’ll be sure to promote this far and wide.

Also, any chance support could be added for custom highlight colors so a developer could let users pick from a list of colors? That’d be the “holy grail” of highlight text tools on my search. :slight_smile:

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I’ll work on that too.

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Greetings, @ahmadnaser16an! Hope all is well. Was curious if there was any update regarding that issue I reported previously.

Hello, @eLPDev! Sorry for late response, however, I’ve been looking to find a bug but I coudn’t find anything. I built the plugin offline first and it completely worked fine with no bugs whatsoever. but somehow when using it with bubble the bug you mentioned happens.
I’m sorry that’s probably not the news you were waiting.
I’ll continue checking in the future but if anyone has any insights why this happens that would be very helpful.
You can still use the plugin without the unhighlighting part, I know that’s not perfect, but again, it’s temporary hopefully.

Hey @ahmadnaser16an. Thanks for the update, and no worries. I figured out an alternative way to do the highlighting with your plugin.

Out of curiosity, do know of a clever way to ensure the selected text is the ONLY text affected by a workflow? If not, any chance you could add something like a “Text before this text” property? Basically, I want to prevent duplicate word highlights and figure it could be accomplished by identifying something the paragraph and sentence to which a word belongs.

For example, when I add a highlight to the selected word, all instances of the word are highlighted:

@ahmadnaser16an Nice! Does this work with contents inside a Rich Text Editor plugin?

Hi. Looks like a great plug-in. Are we able to select text in an image?


??? @ahmadnaser16an

@ahmadnaser16an Hello Ahmad. I’ve been trying to set this up in my app but it doesn’t seem to work with the new responsive engine, correct? The menu appears but doesn’t move to the highlighted area.

Or it might be because I’m trying to set it up in a reusable group?

I’d be interested in using this but it seems it no longer works with the responsive engine!! @ahmadnaser16an are you planning on updating it anytime soon?