[New (Free) Plugin] Text Selection - access a user's highlighted text

Hi all,

We’ve just published a new free plugin called Text Selection. You simply place a Selector element on a page, and you can refer to that element’s Selected text property to access the text a user is currently highlighting. This works on both desktop and mobile.

Here’s a demo: run-mode / editor

Please email any bugs or questions to david@airdev.co!

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Thanks for this. Works great!

You, Sir, are a Bubble hero…

This is going to be amazing for my language learning app - now I can highlight words and trigger a translation popup!!


How would you trigger a popup once text is selected? I don’t see any triggers or workflow actions. I’m probably missing something. I’m trying to have users highlight text, have a comment button popup, and when they comment it attaches the text above their comment for reference.

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Hello Matthias,

You can try to use a “do when condition is true” workflow that triggers when the Selector’s selected text is not empty. It might trigger the workflow before you’d like it to do so, I’m not sure.

This is a really cool plugin, @david2! Any chance anyone knows of a way to use this to let users highlight text on a page and save their highlights like with Kindle?

Thanks a lot. this is very help. Using this for a Research and Citation type project.

Hey, Matthias, did you figure out how to do that? I am trying to make the same thing!

Thank you so much for this! Is there a way of connecting a comment field to the highlighted part of the text?

Very cool, nice job @david2 !

This is a Great Plugin! I actually came across this while creating my own plug-in to highlight/select all text as soon as a user clicks into an input

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How do I enable this on a multiline editor?

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thank you for releasing this plugin.
We tried using this plugin for getting the highlighted text within a rich text input, but noticed that the returned selected text contains the incorrect number of line breaks.
For example if I highlight a text within the text input like this:

This is Test A

This is Test B

The plugin returns the text:

This is Test A

This is Test B

Here is a demo: https://customstatesappstartingpoint.bubbleapps.io/version-test/d?debug_mode=true

Do you know what the issue could be?

Use search and replace:) Search for (space) and Replace (leave empty). This removed any spaces inbetween.

For some reason, I haven’t been able to get this work even with a simple implementation? Anybody know what I might be doing wrong here?