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[New Plugin] Soundcloud-like Audio Player Waveform

Hi all!

I just released a new plugin a few days ago that allows you to display an Audio Player that has a “wave-form”, exactly what Soundcloud has.
You just have to fill the audio file, and the image & player generates automatically.

If returns multiples states, such as :
:heavy_check_mark: Audio Waveform’s Is Playing
:heavy_check_mark: Audio Waveform’s Current Time (s)
:heavy_check_mark: Audio Waveform Total Duration (s)

You can manage the player with the following actions :
:heavy_check_mark: Start an Audio Waveform
:heavy_check_mark: Pause an Audio Waveform
:heavy_check_mark: Stop an Audio Waveform

And it also fires custom events, such as :
:heavy_check_mark: Audio Waveform Started Playing
:heavy_check_mark: Audio Waveform Stopped Playing

You can find demo & editor links just below :
:link: Editor : Weswas | Bubble Editor
:link: Preview/Demo :

If you have any question or would like to see a new feature in this plugin, feel free to contact at [email protected]

Hope you’ll enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Looks beautiful :heart_eyes: is possible put the velocity as x1.5 and x2 like whatsapp?

I’ll try to do it.
I keep you updated!

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New update 01/07/2022

  • You are now able to display multiple instances of the Player within the same page, for example inside Repeating Groups.

New update 02/07/2022

  • You can now enable the option to auto-stop or auto-pause all Audio Players when an another Audio Player starts playing. It can be very useful in the case you have multiple Audio Players on the same page.
    You can see a working example by clicking here

New update 02/07/2022 answering to @yorgio1024 's request :

  • You may now define the speed of a Waveform Audio Player.
    You can define in the element, but also change it dynamically with an action call “Set Speed of a Waveform Audio Player” by specifying a number between 0 and infinite.
    The smaller the number, the slower the audio will play. 1 is normal.

New update 03/07/2022

  • You are now able to mute or unmute a Waveform Audio Player.
    An action has been added “Set Muted an Audio Waveform Player” that allows you to dynamically mute or unmute a player.
    Two custom events have also been added : “Has been Muted” and “Has been Unmuted”.
    Hope it will help you building your project!



New update 03/07/2022

  • You are now able to check if a Waveform Audio Player is loaded, and if not to get its loading percentage with custom states “Is Loaded” and “% Loaded”. It also fires an event called “Is Loaded”.

You can find a working example here.

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Thanks for this awesome update, but the demo not work for me

Hi @yorgio1024
Could you tell me more precisely what doesn’t work ?

I check your demo and the plugin doesnt exist

My bad !
You may check it here

New update 05/07/2022 :

  • You are now able to define if you want to show the cursor when a user is hovering a Waveform Audio Player, and also to define if you want to show a scrollbar, if it is needed.