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New FREE Plugin -- Custom Audio Player

Hey everyone.

Excited to announce the release of my first plugin: Custom Audio Player.
This is a FREE plugin that will allow you to build beautiful audio players for your app. The plugin itself comes with a single element (the slider for your audio player). You can add your own play, pause, stop, and skip buttons using workflow actions. You can also access information about the audio file being played using the element’s states.

Check out the demo here:

Special thanks to @keith for helping me overcome a few hurdles in the plugin editor and also for just being a good dude. :slight_smile:


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@jacobgershkovich very clever and also generous addition to the plugins.

One challenge I’ve noticed. when showing a popup or populating a group with a thing which has audio …the “Custom Audio player” creates a phantom instance …

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Thanks for the kind words @Bubbleboy, and also for pointing this out. I’ll push an update as soon as I figure out what’s causing that behaviour.

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@jacobgershkovich cool plugin!!!
thank you!!!

question… does this plugin work on mobile??
I tried to play music on laptop and iPhone.
laptop succeeded but iPhone didn’t play music…


Im on iphone iso 13.3.1 and this works for me on both safari and chrome

iPhone worked! thank you!

Thanks for the kind words @MIMIMI555 :slight_smile:

@Bubbleboy just pushed an update. Let me know if you’re still experiencing the issue after you upgrade the plugin :wink:

@jacobgershkovich thanks for quick update… Although the phantom instances is resolved seems to be an issue with an audio file once played is then the only audio file that is available regardless of the custom state being cleared. When you pass another audio file dynamically as either a customer state or displayed as a group thing previous audio file is the only one available.

By the way I’m certainly not complaining it’s generous of you to create this plug-in and be willing to look at updating. Marvellous by the way

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@Bubbleboy Just pushed a new fix. Thanks for identifying this problem. Should be all good to go. Let me know :slight_smile:


@jacobgershkovich Stella work. saves me the heartache and pain of an html element, js and css to get anything close to what this plugin delivers…its a pleasure to test this in my app
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Hahaha awesome! Thanks for the kind words.

Would you be able to add a way to manipulate volume? That’s my one annoyance. Apart from that, it works great!


Hey @lockymadera. Thanks for the feedback, and glad you’re enjoying the plugin :slight_smile: A way to manipulate volume is an interesting idea. If this feature request keeps coming up once more people start using the plugin, I’ll consider adding it. Alternatively, if this is a must for your project, and if you’re up for sponsoring it, send me a pm and we can talk.

  • Jacob
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I’d love to use this plugin, but I don’t know how to set up the workflows for the media keys, would you be so kind to assist? Anyone☺️

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Hey @djpapzin,

I also offer a coaching service for new Bubblers. Send a pm if you’re interested :wink:

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Amazing plugin. Would you mind sharing the link to the editor as well? thank you!

Glad you’re enjoying the plugin dev.admin :slight_smile: I actually plan on building a few more examples of audio players using this plugin and selling everything together as a template on Bubble. So watch out for it on the template marketplace!

That’s a beautiful plugin (I really love that sober look).
I don’t manage making it work in a RG contained in a pop up. If I’m using static mp3 (or wav !), that’s ok. But if I try with dynamic link, well it doesn’t work.
To check the data’s path, I put a simple text box in the same level, which correctly receives the desired data (file name).
So, I’m a bit lost here. What should I enter in the “Dynamic link” control ? I think just a “file”, not a file’s URL… I tried everything, and nothing’s working.


Hey michelduprez,

Glad you’re enjoying the plugin :slight_smile: I just did some experimenting with repeating groups and everything seemed to be working for me. Could you share some screenshots or even the link to your editor to give a bit more context?

  • Jacob