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[New Plugin] Soundcloud-like Audio Player Waveform

Ahah oui je suis en décalage donc mes updates sont font au moment ou la commu est couchée!
Comment ça se fait que tu dors pas ? T’es sur quel fuseau ?
Je savais pas que tu parlais français d’ailleurs!

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Ahah je vois ! :joy:
Merci pour tes commentaires sous chaque (ou presque chaque) updates, ça me motive vraiment à améliorer mes plugins !

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Wonderful, does it play base64 audio?

Hi @EliezerBeniz
Not at the moment.
Is this something crucial for you ?
If yes, I could implement it with the next update.

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New update 04/08/2022 :

BIG performance improvement !
You are now able to preload peaks for an audio file :partying_face:
This means Waveform loading can now be lightning-speed :zap:

This is how it comes, and how to make it work.

  • Up to you to use it or not. You may define this with the “Preload Peaks ?” field. Note that if this field is set to “no”, peaks will never be loaded event if fields are filled with some peaks data.
  • There are 2 cases :
  1. The Waveform for this audio file has never been generated.
    This means it has to be generated at least once, so that it can be reloaded for further initializations.
    As soon as the Waveform has been drawn, an event gets fired : “Peaks Loaded”. You may listen to this event, and create a workflow to save peaks on your database.
    The peaks data you have to save is available in a new custom state called “Peaks Data (JSON Format)”. Just save it in a text field, as the plugin outputs it. Same format.

  2. The Waveform for this audio has already been generated and is stored in your database.
    In this case, you may just load the peaks by filling the field called “Peaks Data (JSON format)” with the value you saved in your database on step 1.

I hope this will help you using this plugin for heavy audio files such as podcasts or movie soundtracks and get rid of this loading time that could take more than a few dozen of seconds before this update.
Please tell me anything is going wrong on your side, or if you see any improvement that could be done :pray: !

Thank you,


Update 04/08/2022 :

  • You may now load resources that are stored outside Bubbles database.
    You have to define if the audio file you are trying to load comes from Bubble database or not with the field “Enable CORS Access ?”, which stands for “Cross-origin Resource Sharing”.

If your audio file is stored inside Bubbles database, you should NOT enable this option.
If it is stored outside, you should tick it.

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Update 05/08/2022 :

  • Small for about “Load new file” action, that was broken due to the new integration of “Peaks Data”.
    It now works properly again.
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Thankyou love the native controls

Happy to hear @chad !
Glad you like it :slight_smile:

New update 08/08/2022 :

:new: An event is now fired as soon as an Audio File has been played more than X seconds.
Those X seconds are editable in the Waveform Configuration.

Why ?
This will help you to build a listening counter.

How does it work ?

  1. Define a number of seconds after which an Audio File should be considered as “Played” (30 seconds for example).
  2. When an Audio File is played more than those X seconds (30 in our example), the custom event “Current Audio File can be considered as Played” will be fired.
  3. Add an action after this event. You can for example increment the “Played count” for the current Audio File.

Hope this will help you !