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[NEW PLUGIN] Speedometer / Gauge Chart Plugin

Hey everyone,

We are glad to announce our new plugin. We’ve just released new plugin Speedometer / Gauge Chart. This Plugin uses Plotly library and allow you to add a wide variety of Chart features to your bubble app

Following Features:

-Support Responsive

You can also customized Chart feature like

  1. Value: the value to visualize
  2. Title Text: Heading or title of the chart
  3. Title Font-Size: Fontsize for the title
  4. deleta_reference_value:the number to compare the value with, “delta” which is the difference of the value and goal (reference - value), and “threshold” to determine boundaries that visually alert you if the value cross a defined threshold.
  5. chart_range: Range of the chart
  6. Bar Color: Color for the Bar
  7. Step Range: steps" attribute shown as shading of color inside the radial arc
  8. Background-Color: Background color of the chart
  9. Font-Color: to control the font color
  10. Font-Family: to control the font family

Additionaly you can also download chart as png

You can visit our demo page :

We appreciate your reviews and Suggestions

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