New plugin: Spell number (Number to words)

Hi there, dropped a simple plugin that lets one convert a number into it’s equivalent in words. Do give it a try!


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Thanks for this. Can you do something about the 50/100 ? Why stop the convertion to words here? For accounting purpose we need to have the cents in there (so 2 decimals max). Can we not get the plugin to convert all the way to the 2 decimals? Eight hundred ninety five and fity for example. Please and thank you!

PS the plugin is unable to handle zero. I’m not sure to understand why that would be. This is a minor inconvenience as it requires to use conditions to handle that case.

Hi @umiumansa
If you could add two elements to the page and use a split by operator you could solve this for now.
Meanwhile I will look into this and figure out what can be done!

I managed to do that by running the plugin twice and parsing regex.

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