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Spell number to text

Is there a plugin or method within Bubble to take a number and convert it to the text equivalent?

For instance, taking:
and converting it to:
One Hundred Twenty Three Million Four Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Nine Dollars and Ten Cents

I’ve tried using JS to Bubble plugin with no success. It’s possible that I’m just doing it wrong so maybe someone can assist with the coding.

I’m following an example found at

My HTML element and JS to Bubble elements are below (the change I made to the JS from OnlineCode is replacing the function name from “toWordsConver” to “bubble_fn_1”):


I also have a text element and a workflow element:
image image

As best I can tell, the code within the HTML element is not executing but I’m not sure why. I’ve pointed to text fields to trigger the code in the HTML that has error checking to detect non-numbers and I don’t get errors.

Okay, so the example I followed led me to believe that the code should all be contained within the HTML element except the bit to kick things off, but I instead placed everything in the workflow element “Run Javascript” with nothing in the HTML element. Everything else remained the same. At the bottom of the workflow element is the place to identify the Input element which is what is converted to text.

image image


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can you send me this code.