[Plugin] Animated Loaders PRO 🔥

Animated Loaders PRO :fire:


Hey Bubble community! I’ve decided to invest my time and effort into a more advanced animated loaders plugin. This is the initial release with 7 new animated loaders, 2 of which are horizontal loaders. There are more that I plan to add in the future!

Compared to the free version, this one provides a new, unique set of loaders that are available with more customization options. This increase in flexibility is to help you implement something that fits with your app’s design needs.

Check out the demo and scroll down to see what I’m talking about! :grin:

Animated Loaders PRO Demo page

Demp page editor

Animated Loaders PRO Plugin Page

My Other Plugins

I also want to give a THANK YOU to everyone using the Animated Loaders plugin currently. We’re now at 124 users and that’s amazing to see! :raised_hands:


I use the animated loader free one currently. Works great. I will gladly purchase this new one from you when I get a chance. The price is very reasonable. Good job :+1:

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Very cool. Love the page design too!

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I really appreciate it J805! thanks!

Can you resize ALL the loaders in the pro version?

The 7 loaders you see in the PRO section of the demo page (the ones you see in the GIF above) are all completely resizable :grin:.

Here’s a link to the editor of the demo app as reference. Probably something I should have included in the post, so thanks for bringing that up!

The loaders in the free version are standalone and are mutually exclusive to the pro one. I considered including them in the pro version and implementing more customization options, but I felt that it was too much overlap and wasn’t creating enough value.

My plan is to keep expanding the pro version with loaders that a bit more elevated in design and in customizability to the free one. I hope in the future as the plugin platform advances, there will be a better way to package plugins with a free and paid offering in harmony.

As always, always open for feedback. Thanks jamesbond!

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So no resizing on the free ones? I was interested in just that!
Actually still am.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Which ones in the free version were you looking to have be resizable?

The spinning loader would be perfect if you could resize it.

Cheaper alternative is to just google “css spinners”.

None in particular / all of them. The one I use is the spinning circle, but could definitely use the others too.


New Loader! :sparkles:

Just added a new loader that is equivalent to Material Design’s indeterminate circular loader.

Just like the other loaders in this plugin, this is resizable and the color can be customized.


What workflow do you use to display a loader until the page is fully loaded? :slight_smile:

You’re gonna have to use some HTML for that. I can share if you’d like.

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Depending on what you have going on in your app, I’m aware of this in workflows:

You can set things to trigger after the page is loaded this way. However, most of the time things happen so quickly that you don’t really get to see the loader before that event is fired.

Are you running certain long-running operations on the start of a page load that you want to show the loader for?

Interested to know how to do this using HTML. I currently use the “page loaded (entire)” condition to hide/show a group

Hi @yla I have added the loader to a floating group, so when the page is loading the floating group appears and of course, the loader shows with it at the same time, but that is not what is happening, what happens is that the floating group appears stays visible for about 2 secs, and the loader shows at the last 0.5 second, which makes the experience as the user looking at a blank page for 2.5 secs and then something appears so quickly that it makes the user curious to know what is it and refresh the page and forget all about the main reason they came the web app for :smiley: , it is kind of funny but very frustrating.

am I doing something wrong? can’t we adjust something to make the loader trigger at the exact same time as the floating group appears? have you done a page loader in a way that I am not aware of and may work better for me ?

thanks in advance

@yla btw the issue is worse on mobile phones