[NEW PLUGIN] Super Realistic Instagram-like Stories

For those who want a fully functionnal, plug and play “Instagram Stories” feature in their App,
just look at our brand new plugin,

Visit this page and watch our demo video : https://no-cod.bubbleapps.io/plugin_page/1636209100525x353682491072250240

Hope you enjoy


Looks great!

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Love it, thanks for sharing!

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Just purchased, excited to test this plugin out!

What’s the difference between the original & clusters version?

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Thanks for buying !

the original version lets you define the stories object first , then define how they are grouped (in clusters). Basically you have more flexibility in creating stories + You can define the stories that have been read already to make them appear at the end of the list

The cluster vrsion is a little easier to use but you have less flexibility : you define the nature of the group (cluster) first, then decide what is the list of media url you want to use as stories for each cluster.

Hope this is clear enough.
Also do not hesitate to watch our setup tutorial video here (10 min video) so that you can use the plugin easily : Your Bubble app

also don’t hesitate to go to the editor for each version of the plugin so that you can see how it works for each version :


Hope this helps !

Thanks for the response! I’m loving the plugin so far, and the setup was pretty straightforward after I used the video as a guide.

Going to conduct further testing, but I really appreciate the tips towards the end that address performance and how to maximize through constraints.

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This is crazy I just built a story feature on my app manually, but I didn’t know how to display them as you did in the popup-esque style where it automatically changed to the next story after X seconds. However, I am not using my stories feature to not display images or video but rather stops on someone’s night out. Is there a way you can implement a feature to allow for other things to be displayed in the stories or can you only ever do images and video?

Here’s a screenshot of how I have mine implemented


Got you, unfortunately this plugin is made for images and videos exclusively.
Wish i could have helped.

If you want to submit plugins ideas fos us to develop, you can do it at this URL : Your Bubble app

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How can I hide and show floating groups that are on the page while the stories are being viewed?

Hello @ckegley4 there is no state in the plugin for “is being viewed” but this is definitely something we could add.

Is that what you need ? Please give us more information about your need so that we can help (we will look at it on monday)

Hi @pro.sc.conseils, thanks for your quick response. Yes I need the ability to hide floating groups that are on the page. When you view the stories the floating groups hover above the story image or video. I also noticed that the responsive behavior on IOS is a little off as well. You may want to check that out also. Other than that the plug-in works awesome.
Thanks again for your time!


i second this!


will get back to you asap :wink:


Hi @pro.sc.conseils im just checking to see if you had time to check on what we discussed earlier.

Hey, to hide floating groups while playing, can you try this before anything :
on the page where the plugin element is with floating groups , simply right click on the plugin element then click “bring to front”

Check if your floating groups are still above.

If not we will add the “is playing” state duting the week (cannot tell you the exact date but before the end of the week for sure)

Yes, I have tried bring to front on the plugin and it didn’t work.
Thanks again…

alright then we’ll take care of this. Sorry you have to wait but we will do what’s necessary :wink:

Thank you I appreciate it.

Any luck?