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First of all, many thanks for devoting your time and talents into creating the one-of-a-kind Really appreciate this outstanding and promising visual programming platform and look forward to working on a project in Bubble real soon.

Now reading through the Example Apps in the App Gallery page. The bubble official website created with itself is impressive as well as reassuring. After looking through the editor though, I cannot quite figure out how the Interactive Demo on the index page is created with the bubble editor. I.e. how the Interactive Demo’s animation upon page load and upon click event can be made in the editor environment. Could you please shed a bit light on this?

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

So we built a plugin (with code), and used it for our own app. So kind of cheated a little bit :blush: We’ll expose at some point the ability to code your own element, but we’re not quite there yet.

Having said that, if you use the slideshow element/plugin, you can get to something quite close. Not exactly the same, but still. And we’ll add some customization over time to get closer.

If at some point you really need an element that we don’t have don’t hesitate to reach out, we can talk about it.

Many thanks Emmanuel for your very prompt and helpful answer.

Will let you know if there is an element we really need so we can talk about it.

Look forward to getting started with Bubble! :grinning:

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