New plugin tested :draggable element issues!

Hi everyone,

I’m actually working on app and using a new plugin called draggable element. This plugin is delivered by bubble services and it supposed to give you the ability to drag element into a drop area. I understand the drag system but I’ve meet some difficulties with the drop area. Indeed, I can’t drop them into the drop area properly. When I drag it into the drop area this element is always hidden behind the drop area.

So, how can achieve this kind of task using only drag/drop group and drop area (without any parent element) ?

Could you help me to solve this problem.



I having problems with it as well. Please respond Bubble.

If there is a bug, please file a bug report. There is not much we can do without details.

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I am not sure if I understand what you are looking for but I will drop my 2 cents.

I believe the draggable element is meant to reorder objects within lists. There are some good examples in the forum, like this one.

In your case, I understand you want change allow users to change the position of elements in the page, not in a list of data.
Only way I see this done is using another plugin that anchors elements to other elements in the page. I never used it for this, but I can see it doing what you need.
I would take my some time to try using this plugin

Not much documentation but it is pretty straight forward.

Hope it helps!