New Plugin - The Blob


You dont need to know what a blob is, you dont even need the blob to know what your after, But pass The Blob a files URL and The Blob will pass you the file, saved to your app with your apps URL. This is also handy for changing a files name and also features a prompt a user to download mode.

Feed The Blob,

Wait for The Blob,


Get Blob’s Output,


But before you can do that, you will need to get The Blob.

Need to covert files before saving/downloading? check out Documental


Great job, Jarrad, as always :slight_smile:
I suppose the file size is stil limited to 50 MB?

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You the blob, Jarrad!


im lovin Blob

where is this plugin on your website? I didn’t see it.

It’s not called the Blob there is it? See the confusion? I did already purchase that before asking the question because it sounded like it might be do the same thing.

I purchased it but can’t find it inside my app to use. Where do I find that?

From the workflow as shown in the screenshots at the top Of the thread. @jarrad

@jarrad I’ve purchased this but I cannot find an element in my app called TheBlob, and I have no workflows that reference it. Will you help me locate what I need to make this work? Did it indeed get installed?


Yes the name has changed -

If your ever stuck trying to find the name of functions/events/elements/api calls, these can be referenced in the plugin tab for each plugin while selected.

The Elements name has been named to fit better with the plugin’s name - “URL To File”

You can find the element here,


Then reference its functions in “Element Actions”


and its events accordingly,


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Right. That’s what I was expecting, but as you will see It’s not showing for me.

What now?

Head here, sign in and verify your plugin’s app name is infact correct - I will go now and remove, then re-add your app from the plugins authorization and nothing changes you will need to file a bug report. the images I posted today are of the same plugin being added to an app after you brought this up today so I know that side is all good.

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sent you a pm

Hi Jarrad! Please , where can I find this plugin?
I badly need a way to convert blob data into an audio file, for an app I am using!

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looks very good but I can’t find your plugin on the store