How to extract the data from the file manager?

How to extract the data from the file manager?

I am using the “audio recorder” plugin, and after I click stop, my recorded file goes to the file manager, but I don’t quite understand what I can do with it further.

The situation is better with Bubble’s “audio recorder” plugin because I can use the ‘upload content’ action, and then I have the option to use ‘step of this action,’ which simplifies the situation for me, allowing me further to easily make an API request using this step. However, the problem is that the plugin from Bubble saves in WAV format, which doesn’t suit me.

I would be very grateful if someone knows a solution in this situation and can advise me :slightly_smiling_face:

You cannot access file manager (all files stored in Bubble storage will show there) from front end.
The plugin probably have a state that contain the file (that is what is stored in file manager). You just need to use this state to update a field in your DB. If you provide a link to the plugin (and the plugin probably have a demo page + access to editor) it will be easier to help you

Here is the demo plugin im using: Bubble-essential-plugins | Bubble Editor.

I need to extract the ‘saved url’ to make an API call later. I provided screenshots for better understanding of my steps.

Used a 15 second delay to ensure that the video is converted to text.

So you already got the saved url to bubble file. Are you sure you need to add the https before the link for OpenAI? Any privacy rules that could create an issue?