📈[New Plugin] Trading Stock Charts (LightWeight Charts js) and TradingView Widget

Hello Bubblers! :tada:

We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new plugin that we’ve been developing over for some time now, especially designed for all you looking to embed either tradingview widgets or the lightweight charts library into your projects! Even though we’re currently in the ‘Beta’ stage, our aim is to provide a tool that simplifies your charting process and breathes life into your data visualizations. So feel free to ask any features and we might be able to do it

:tv: Plugin Demo Page (+editor): Demo Link

:electric_plug: Plugin Page: Plugin Page Link

Here’s what you can do with our plugin:

:one: Create and Customize an Area/Line Charts with Your stock/options/crypto data: Create beautiful charts based on Lightweight Charts using your own data. You can also add horizontal lines for better visualization and enjoy more flexibility in styling.

The possibilities are endless and we will add more features as you request them

:two: Leverage Predefined TradingView Widgets: Embed TradingView widgets within your applications without hassle. We currently fully support 2 widgets from Advanced Charts and Single Ticker Widget, both of which come with multiple customisation options.

Over the Beta phase, we’re open and keen on receiving your feedback. Your insights are crucial in refining our tool, enhancing its features, and most importantly, ensuring that it serves your needs in the best possible way. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, comments, or feature requests either directly on this thread or via our support forum.

As we continue to enhance our plugin, we look forward to seeing the creative and innovative ways you’ll incorporate it into your applications. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey! :rocket:

New Version 1.1.0
The trading view economic calendar was just added in the plugin. See how it looks and the builder view below


New Version 1.2.0
Added new advanced options on the Area/Line chart

  • Hide Grid Lines
  • Disable Scroll
  • Hide Price Scale
  • Hide Time Scale
  • Hide Last Price line
  • Introduce the possibility to add a floating tooltip

This is before applying all these changes

And this is after