[NEW PLUGIN] Twilio Verify

Unfortunately, it couldn’t help me…
I suppose that there should be 2 events “send SMS” and “fill in the code from SMS”.
In your example, I see only event “When an element is clicked” with 2 steps “twilio send code” and “twilio verify”. So there you also added step 3 “make changes to User”
What means the event “When an element is clicked”?
I think that it’s when a user fills in a phone number and waits for the SMS with the code. But I can’t understand where a user should fill in the code.


Hey there @srg,

@lantzgould did PM me a plugin he created with Twilio Verify. I’ve touched it a little, but haven’t yet gone in depth. Maybe you can take a look at that?

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You need to create an input to allow user enter the code they received. Then run the verify step.

Verification is done by Twilio and will return "approved’. You can use this to make changes to user to mark them as approved in your application.

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So, I’ve done as you said. Everything is ok, thanks!

Hi @koechamos51

I get notified by bubble that “we didn’t find an account with those credentials” when i tried to go through the verification process before the sign up page. Meanwhile, i could tell that the OTP has been approved through my Twilion dashboard.

Does the plugin check my user table to make any decision beyond the input supplied to it or is it that i’m not getting something right?

I’d really appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

please how can i built a page where users input the code sent to them after that, if the code sent to them is equal to what they input, they become verified
how do I acheive this because with the input i created after the user inputs their verification code and click on next, it just does nothing

Hi @pelumi5007

Been off forum for a while, gaze I should make regular checkins.

When a user receives the code you’ll need to run “Twilio-Verify” action as shown in this image http://forum.bubble.io/t/new-plugin-twilio-verify/75636/11?u=koechamos51.

After that the next logical step will be to change a boolean somewhere in your database to indicate that the user is verified. For the example above, I have a Boolean on the user named “phone-verified?” that I update to yes if the result of Twilio-Verify action is approved.

Hope that helped.


Hey @koechamos51 , thanks for making this plugin to work with the Twilio Verify product. I’ve got it up and running but every time I try to verify a new phone number, I always receive status of pending the first attempt. If I then try again, it comes back as approved. Any ideas?

For more context, I’m trying to set this up as part of the sign up process for my app. Users enter their email, password, & phone number, click sign up, and in the next step are asked to verify their number which is when this workflow kicks off. Every time the status comes back pending and if they retry, it comes back approved. I’m not sure if that’s got something to do with this plugin or the Verify service, but appreciate any insight you can offer!

Hi! @cstudio I’ll check if there was any change in the api.

Thanks! I thought maybe there’s just an async callback issue or something? I’m not familiar with how the Bubble plugin dev environment works, but let me know if you find anything out!

I keep getting a 400 code. Do you have a demo workflow?

Hello. I am curious if this issue has been resolved?

hi, I just installed the plugin. I also keep getting status ‘pending’. What am i doing wrong? How do you charge per sms, because i haven’t paid for anything yet. I’m still in trial mode. Could that be the problem?

Hi @koechamos51 thanks in first place for launching this.

Question! Are you still maintaining this plugin? It seems there are a few unanswered questions here. It would be helpful to clarify this for new builders integrating this into their app, to avoid any time waste.

Thanks in advance!

Is the message pending i.e not received on the mobile or is the verification pending?

hi Amos, does the user should be logged in for the plugin to work?

Should work even when the user isn’t logged in. Depends on your 2FA setup.

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Hey @koechamos51

Thanks for making the plugin, it’s such a huge help!!

Something peculiar keeps happening to me: Using the send-code workflow, I sometimes receive the code as an sms and sometimes as a whatsapp. It seems to alternate between the two. I can confirm that I’ve removed whatsapp as a channel from the service in twilio. Have you experienced this before? I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.


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