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[NEW PLUGIN] Twilio Verify

Unfortunately, it couldn’t help me…
I suppose that there should be 2 events “send SMS” and “fill in the code from SMS”.
In your example, I see only event “When an element is clicked” with 2 steps “twilio send code” and “twilio verify”. So there you also added step 3 “make changes to User”
What means the event “When an element is clicked”?
I think that it’s when a user fills in a phone number and waits for the SMS with the code. But I can’t understand where a user should fill in the code.

Hey there @srg,

@lantzgould did PM me a plugin he created with Twilio Verify. I’ve touched it a little, but haven’t yet gone in depth. Maybe you can take a look at that?

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You need to create an input to allow user enter the code they received. Then run the verify step.

Verification is done by Twilio and will return "approved’. You can use this to make changes to user to mark them as approved in your application.

So, I’ve done as you said. Everything is ok, thanks!