Phone Number Verification with Twilio

Hello Bubble Community

I’m new to the entire idea of app development. I was very happy to find this point and click platform but it’s still definitely a learning curve for me. I’ve never seen myself building an app before but here I am.

Right now, I’m having issues understanding how to properly use the Twilio Plugin. I’d like users of my app to sign in and verify via phone numbers.

What I’ve done so far.

  • I’ve designed the form that asks for the user’s phone number in a field and has a “Next” button which will kick off a workflows. I’ve also designed the next page where they’ll need to enter the code or resend a code if they need to.
  • I’ve installed the Twilio plugin and tried to follow the setup instructions best I could.
    -I’ve signed up an account on Twilio and chosen a phone number (believing I had to)
    -I’ve copied my test account SID into the plugins “send text message” and “receive text message” fields.
    -I’ve encoded my testaccountSID:testauthtoken on base64 and put that into the plugins Authorization field.

What I’d like to happen is that when the user inputs their phone number and selects “NEXT”, step 1 of the workflow will text the user a 6 digit verification code and step 2 will take them to the next page to enter the verification code.

On the next page, after entering the code and selecting “NEXT”, it will verify the code and go to the next page.

If someone would be kind enough to walk me through how to build these workflows or explain if I did a previous step wrong I’d greatly appreciate it.



I can only stop for a second, so I’ll share a post where I briefly explain how I’ve done this. Not too many details, but perhaps you’ll figure it out :slight_smile: Twilio Account Verification

Hello Philip

Thank you for replying. I did come across that thread before and while definitely insightful I realized I needed a bit more detail. I dont quite understand coding yet and sort of figuring it out as I go along. And a more specific break down as to what to do and when to do it would definitely help me understand it.

I’ll try to take another swing at your thread. Unfortunately I’m having trouble accessing my app and trying to edit it. Page just keeps loading. So I guess something is happening on the backend. I’ll wait a while.

Thank you

You’re welcome! Wish I had written more looking back on it, I had misjudged your current understanding of Bubble, my bad. This week is super hectic but if I can squeeze in time to provide a more detailed breakdown I will certainly jump in and help out :slight_smile: I am sure many people in the community would benefit from a set of instructions. :sunny:

Yes, I believe they would.

My issue is that I dont understand how I was supposed to setup my Twilio account, if there is anything I’m supposed to do on that end, or how to specifically make the workflow that texts users the verification code and have them provide it on the next page. Or even how to use that information to create the “user profile”.

I believe I can figure out the user profile part, sort of. But there is no standard workflow for verifying phone numbers and I really want to get that working before I move on to the user profile parts.

If you have time to help with that it would be greatly appreciated.

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