[NEW PLUGIN] Twilio Verify

I just published a free plugin to help in phone verification. All the verification process is handled by Twilio so all you need is to enter user phone number and code is autogenerated by Twilio.

Plugin Link Twilio Verify Plugin | Bubble

Ensure you have a twilio account to proceed

  1. Create verification service in the link below Twilio Cloud Communications | Web Service API for building Voice and SMS Applications


  3. Get “ACCOUNT SID” and “AUTH TOKEN” here Twilio Cloud Communications | Web Service API for building Voice and SMS Applications

  4. Enter the credential to plugin fields


  1. Use “Send-Code” and “Verify” in the workflow to authenticate users. If verified the Verify Phone Action return Status as ‘approved’

NB: SERVICE SID is same for all-fields in the plugin
6. (param.) To : +[Country-code][User-phone-number]

I have no demo but if requested I can draft one especially the Twilio side setup.

So this service cost $0.05 on top of the sms service fee so more expensive as compared to using the sms service and you generating your own verification codes and doing your own verification

Ready for reviews so I can better the plugin.

Warm Regards,
Amos from Teknospur Services



I could not tell you i am a Server owner on Discord for cads and other things i can have my dev get into contact with you?
do you have discord

No! I don’t, just dm me for more details

Hey thanks for this write up! I’m a newb and just wondering what I need to put in the (param)To field. I’m assuming a “+” and whatever my user phone number input is?

Thanks in advance

Hi! @domo018

This is the format [+][country-code][user-phone-number]. i.e +1 for US then user phone number

So here [+] is a constant prefix while country-code may vary depending on the countries your app services. If only in US you may make +1 constant and users will just enters their phone numbers. Otherwise you may need to ask users to enter country code before their phone numbers. There are plugins which let users select country then enter their phone number and this way it is much easier and less errors are caused by user input

Hey there, the plugin is fantastically simple to use from a setup perspective. I was wondering if you could help with understanding what I am supposed to do with the very action? Where do i retrieve the “Verified” result?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

I will update the demo screenshot shortly.

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Thank you for taking the time! You’re a hero.

image . This is how you may decide to use the data returned by Twilio in step 2 which is “Twilio-Verify”

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This is how you may decide to use the data returned by Twilio on step 2 which is "Twilio-verify ". This depends entirely on how you want your application to behave. The status is text and not Boolean.

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Thank goodness I asked lol, would not have figured this out. Thank you so much.

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Struggling with the instructions. Looks like there’s been some change in the workflow design since you last posted as those options in your screenshots are not available

We’d be really glad if you could set up a demo app with this so that we can learn he best practice.


Request received. I’ll share link to the setup soonest.


Waiting so much for detailed overview with demo version.
Maybe you have prepared it already?:slight_smile:

Hey there! Wanted to see if anyone else has had issue with Auto-fill with iOS. Your plugin works great but if I create an input field that is “authentication code” iOS recognizes it and pulls the code from the text message. But when you click the code to Auto-Fill the code, it only enters the first digit.

I find this really annoying and seems like a no go if the user tried to enter the code and then has to close the browser, go to their messages, memorize the number and go back to browser to manually enter it in.

I have found out that if I create an old school HTML input field it works fine but then the data isn’t usable in a bubble workflow.

Any suggestions?

p.s. Thanks for the great plugin!

i need help my twilio is not working please help me

Try this: “Result of step 2’s verified is yes”. That’s what I did and it works for me. Amos, you’re a life saver again! @koechamos51

Not sure why, but I keep getting the same Twilio code when I click my “resend SMS” button

I can’t understand where in your example the user is entering code from SMS?