[New Plugin] Ultimate Pagination for repeating groups

Finally a plugin that makes creating a custom styled Repeating Group pagination easy.

Navigating large datasets can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why we created Ultimate Pagination, a robust and easy-to-implement pagination plugin designed to enhance user experience and streamline data navigation.


Effortless Integration: Designed with No Code developers in mind, our plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing data structure, allowing for quick setup without any hassles.

Dynamic Page Numbering: Automatically generates page numbers based on the size of the dataset, ensuring that users can effortlessly jump to the desired page.

Customisable Design: Tailor the appearance of the pagination controls to match your application’s theme.

Next & Previous Controls: User-friendly navigation controls provide an intuitive way to move through pages, enhancing the browsing experience.

All States Exposed: Everything is exposed as a state of the element so building out pagination navigation is fully customisable and easy to implement.

Why Choose Ultimate Pagination?

We understand the challenges No Code developers face when dealing with large datasets. Our goal with Ultimate Pagination is to provide a flexible and efficient solution that saves time and elevates user experience. Say goodbye to clunky navigation and hello to smooth, intuitive pagination.





What’s the use of this over doing it natively in Bubble? From your docs, you actually give a good guide for creating paginated RGs but it seems that all your plugin does is generate a List of numbers, which can be done natively in Bubble or simply with Toolbox which is a free plugin.

Is there a function I’m missing?


The idea of the plugin is to make it easier. You say do it natively in bubble but using the Toolbox plugin is still not doing it natively, I’ve also done it this way many times and the plugin simplifies and speeds up the process. Only got 1 repeating group then sure do it they way you suggest, but i create a lot of admin dashboards that are using a lot of repeating groups to display data. I wanted a quicker and easier way of implementing pagination for them so created the plugin.

Its sped up my development when using pagination and repeating groups so hoped it could also benefit the community.

If you would like to take it for a test drive for free I’m happy to authorize and app for you to try it on and then give me your feedback?


Also, i know there are other pagination plugins, the difference with mine is that it gives you complete control to build out the navigation yourself. The pagination navigation is not generated automatically with a set design and theme, it was specifically designed to able users to design their own look and feel navigation and easily implement that with a repeating group.

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Yes, but you can also do it natively in Bubble by using a loop.

Make your paginated repeating group once and just change the data source each time you copy and paste with workflows.

If it was free there’d be no harm in it. But, charging someone $10 for something which is honestly just as simple using Toolbox which most apps have installed is a bit odd.

But… that’s just what one does in Bubble normally…

Generates list of numbers. To do this using Toolbox (free) where 10 is the number of rows per page:
CleanShot 2023-08-05 at 12.04.31@2x

This isn’t a feature, it’s using Bubble’s editor to do what one normally does in Bubble…

Go to previous of repeating group and show next of repeating group would like a word with you

The number of records in the list and the current page number are already exposed by repeating groups.

Sorry if it feels like I’m tearing into this so much - I wouldn’t have a problem with it existing if it was free (if I was making a first plugin I would likely make something simple like this to test my skills and consider publishing it as a take-it-or-leave-it thing), but it’s not, so it feels like a cash grab for new Bubblers that don’t realise it’s not that difficult at all natively. But of course, if there’s a feature I’m missing then absolutely correct me!

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I created the plugin for myself. It solved problems i had with pagination for repeating groups. Yes there are other ways to do it, for me this works better.

Its not a cash grab, i could easily list for free with no proper documentation or support. It doesn’t bother me if 100 people use it or zero. I don’t make my money from plugins, but my time costs money. If other people also find it easier and cleaner to use this plugin, like i do and are happy to reward a developer with a coffee then what harm is it causing?

You go ahead and carry on doing pagination the way you do it. I will continue to use the plugin as it works more seamless FOR ME. and hopefully for other members of the community.


Great plugin! When the data is updated, and the page is not 1, it goes to the first page. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Blockquote Great plugin!

Thank you, I’m glad your finding it useful.

Let me have a play around and see what i can do. If you don’t want to continually keep fetching live dynamic data (as any repeating group will always fetch data dynamically) you could try populating a state first then drawing the list of data from the state into the plugin. You could do this on page load or every 5min etc or when another condition is true.

I could possibly implement a check box to ‘not fetch new data’ but it would require a page refresh to load any new data.

If you still require dynamic data to be loaded live but stay on the current page this might be a bit harder to implement but i will have a play around for you and see if i can add it as an option

We have very large sets of data so I don’t think this is an option unfortunately.

This is exactly what we want. Thanks, it’s highly appreciated!