🔄 Custom Extended Vertical Scroll For RG


What is it doing? Showing a certain number of results based on page scroll position? I looked through the editor and can’t seem to figure out how somebody would use it…what would the implementation use case be?

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Wow you really need an explanation lol…

You can control the amount of cells that are loaded at a time. Speeds up your repeating groups, it is like this Repeating Group Scrolling Position Detector - New Plugin from Zeroqode but can be used in reusable elements, can also be vertical or horizontal scroll.

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and how is it working…is the elements view plugin you use doing something? It seems like this is the same as just setting the “from item # until item #” onto the R.G. datasource to limit the number of items displayed, and then when pressing a “show more items” button to change the “items until #”

Just curious if you are utilizing the elements view plugin to make it more effective?

Also, is the reset until button supposed to cause the R.G. to go from 21 items to 14 items to 7 items? I was under the impression the reset until would cause the # of items visible to increase.

Yes the elements in view plugin is only visible on the last cell of the repeating group (only when the repeating group count is not = do a search for integrations count- stops circular referencing looping)

I did write some notes already on the workflows, so clicking the last cell to show more is only a backup if the workflow didnt trigger in time, this can happen if user scrolls down too fast, but if you load more items than 7 and your cells are not huge it shouldnt happen often. I just chose 7 because divisible by 3 and I didnt have any more ideas for integrations.

The reset button is just for demonstration but your in your app you might have a profile with posts or dynamic content but when you change the profile you want to reset the until count for new data to load. Reset doesnt reverse it just sets it back to 7.

Thanks for that…will take another look tomorrow and try to implement…seems like a handy way to avoid pagination for lists that aren’t more than 100 and want to load faster

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