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[New Plugin Updates] Screenshot Image Generator

Hi @t.augustorocha – thanks for sharing the editor link.

  1. If you want the action to be performed in a single workflow, you can add a pause action (1-2 seconds should do it) between your the “Generate a Screenshot” action and the action to save it to your database.
  2. If you are able to use two separate workflows, you should add an event named “A Screenshot Outputter Screenshot URL has been generated” and more your action to save to the database to that event.

The screenshot takes a few hundred milliseconds to generate on your page, which is why you need to either pause prior to saving or use the separate “A Screenshot Outputter Screenshot URL” event to save to the database


Hello @alex4! I was eyeballing your plugin to take screenshots of a page on my app. However, the page includes a variety of iFrame elements. From earlier comments, it seems like your plugin will not capture those elements. Did I understand that correctly?

Hi @gbenchanoch – thanks for reaching out! You’re correct, iFrame elements will not be captured with the plugin.

Well shucks :confused: is there any way to capture the entire browser screen including iFrames?

@gbenchanoch – unfortunately, not that I’m aware of. Web native screenshot plugins (that don’t require a browser installation) per my understanding generate screenshots based on the HTML/CSS on a page (as my plugin does). An iFrame’s content isn’t loaded on the page you’re generating a screenshot on.

Best of luck!