New Plugin: Video JS

We have created a plugin that needs more attention as this might be what you are looking for.

This plugin will greatly benefit you if you want to add a video to your projects.

This plugin uses v7 of Video.js and supports URL, YouTube and Vimeo as data sources.

Supports video playback on desktops and mobile devices.

Control the design with custom css files.

You can check the demo here:

Any support or general enquiries please contact


Hi @WGDPluginTeam,

Great plugin. :pray: What is the difference with Plyer plugin?

This is a great question, one that we did not know the answer till you raised it :slight_smile:

Doing an honest comparison both plugins have similar features, but also different feature sets. Shown below are the differences from simple screenshots.

We would preface this, with the WGD Plugin, like all our plugins first comes from a internal business need / client requirement, and regularly gets tested, improved. So usually the changes / improvements to the original MIT code, are made because it has become a requirement somewhere in the organisation.

And from there, we are constantly wanting to make sure our plugins meet the needs of the community. So if there are changes you like to see and are within our roadmap / reasonable, we will add.

WGD Plugin Settings

WGD Video 2

Plyr Plugin Settings

One thing I would note the Plyr plugin reveals so much more information than WGD. Something we have now added to our development queue.

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