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[New Plugin] Vimeo Video Player with Floating Capability

Hi everyone! I have just released a new Vimeo Video Player plugin that allows you to use the official Vimeo Video Player to play videos as well as configure various aspects of the Player widget.

It also supports having the Vimeo Video “Float” or “Stick” to a corner of the screen as you scroll below the video to allow the user to continue to see the video as they scroll.

Here’s a sample GIF of the Vimeo Video Player in action:

Here are some of the main notable features:

  • Floating Video - When a user scrolls past the video, a “floating” video can stick to the side of the screen so that the video can continue to be watched as the user scrolls.

  • Hide Video Controls - You can hide the Video controls so that you can use your own buttons to control the video.

  • Disable Auto-Fullscreen - On many mobile devices, when a video starts playing it will default it to Full Screen mode. Using this video player, you can disable that and let the video play within the web page instead.

  • Auto Play - You can have the video automatically start playing when the video source loads.
    NOTE: Some browsers/environments disallow this functionality unless certain criteria is met, such as the video is muted.

  • Looping Video - You can have the Video automatically loop and start playing again when the Video has ended

It also supports the following Events and Actions to allow you to control the Video Player from other plugins as well:

Supported Element Actions:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Set Video Position
  • Set Playback Speed
  • Set Volume
  • Toggle Mute
  • Toggle Play/Pause

Supported Events:

  • Video Ended
  • Video Started to Play
  • Video Paused
  • Video Seeking Started
  • Video Seeking Completed
  • Video Position Changed
  • Volume Changed
  • Media Buffering Started
  • Media Finished Loading

Link to the Plugin Page:

Link to the Demo Page:

Link to some more documentation:
(Documentation still a work in progress)

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!


Hi there,

Just installed this plugin. It seems that yours was the only plugin that allows you to stop the video playing when a pop up is closed which seems like it would be an really obvious ability to have. So thanks for that.

Anyway, my vimeo video is not auto playing or hiding the controls at the moment despite enabling these options on your element. I am using Chrome but I dont believe its a chrome issue as the other plugins didnt have an issue with auto play.

Furthermore, is it possible to hide title and add a custom colour to the controls?

Could this be adapted to other players, like THEOplayer?

Can a TikTok like swiping up/down demo be created with this plugin. Can you help me understand how can one build it for a mobile web app built on bubble

Could you please make the “Start Video At” dynamic?

Thanks for sharing this new vimeo video player with floating capability.

Change video doesn’t give an option to enter the Hash.