[New Plugin] WaveApps API

Hello All:

I wanted to share a new plugin I just released: WaveApps API (WaveApps API Plugin | Bubble).

WaveApps (https://www.waveapps.com/) is free accounting and invoicing software that I use in my own small business and would really encourage new and existing start-ups to give them a look.

This plugin is a project-in-development, but it aspires to bring the full functionality of the WaveApps API (which is GraphQL) to the Bubble platform.

Currently, it supports the following:

  • Get a User
  • Get all Businesses
  • Get all Invoices
  • Get a Customer’s Invoices
  • Create a Customer

While these functions are just the basics, they should allow Bubbler’s to save time and resources trying to build their own invoicing features by employing the third-party WaveApps software (which, as far as I know, is basically free forever at this point in time and without any paywalls that I have found in my experience).

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