New Plugins: Blur, Growl, and Flat

Hey Bubblers, we’ve just commercially released a trio of super useful UX plugins that we’ve been utilizing for some of our private apps:

Blur Foggy
This simple plugin allows you to blur out certain elements on the page and allows you to disable the blur conditionally as well.

Growl Notifications
This plugin allows you to show Mac OS style notifications as alert messages on the page and allows you to customize the position of the alert messages.

Flat Notifications
This plugin allows you to show Flat styled alert messages that includes customized icons and background color.

You can find the plugins in our marketplace profile:

Hope you guys find it useful in your next or current project!

Any questions or bug issues, please contact:


The blur is so interesting! Quick question. Does this have the added benefit of something like “redacting” text or is it purely cosmetic? Essentially, can the user look at the source info and see the text even if blurred?

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Yes I just looked, you can still view the text in the source code.

The plugin does disable selecting the element (like copying the text) when it’s blurred but yes, its not meant for truly private data since you can still see the source code

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That works for me. I’m going to buy it today for when users need to hide sensitive info before printing. Will it print the blur? For example, I might toggle the blur for hiding any kind of Social security number.

Oooh that’s risky

We don’t see the alert (hidden by Bubble banner)

Click the buttons more than once and you’ll see what the notifications look like

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I have not been able to get the Blur Foggy plugin to work. These are my steps:

  1. Expose ID to html elements

2.Assign an ID to the link element I want to blur. The link element is inside a repeating group. It is not a reusable element if that makes a difference


  1. Tell the plugin blur element what to blur

  2. The result. Nothing happens. “@Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams…” should be blured

I have tested this with different elements and it hasnt worked. Any ideas?

I’ve reached out via email and looking into it


@peng.o would it be possible to allow access to the editor of the blur app? This would help devs to see full functionality of the plugin before purchase and examples for implementation :slight_smile:

Are there any controls over the opacity of the blur?

Hi there, yes it’s possible if you want access to the editor. Shoot me a DM and we can get that set up!

The plugin is very basic currently and doesn’t support that feature but if you need that it may be possible