[New Plugin] AirAlert

We just open sourced AirAlert plugin. Using this you can add toast style notifications to your app.


  1. Add the AirAlert plugin to your app.
  2. You’ll see 3 new AirAlert actions added to your app - Standard, Custom, Clear All
  3. That’s it :smiley:


  1. Ability to customize individual alerts using Custom type of AirAlert
  2. App level customization for Standard AirAlerts so that the alerts match your app theme. (see the plugin tab after installation)

Happy Bubbling!


Nice one! Thanks very much!

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Thanks for releasing this plugin. Trying to test it with a simple Page Loaded workflow with the success alert. I get this error in the debug console:

Also in the workflow it is asking for an API key but on the plugin settings there is no field for API.

Thanks in advance!

The ‘Api key’ bubble asks are actually the settings in the plug-ins tab. Either leave them blank (the plug in will use default styles) or set your own colors E.g. #ABCDEF.

I’m happy to take a look if you could share a screenshot of the plugin tab / link to the editor

The plugin settings tab looks like this (as you can see I love the other Air plugins)

The workflow node looks like this:

Here’s a demo:

Here’s the link to bubble editor:

There’s no api keys you’ve got to put in. That’s just bubble’s way of saying there are some empty input fields in the plugins tab. Just install the plugin and it works.

Unfortunately I’m getting an error as well:

Any recommendation what to do?

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Can you share which browser version you’re using? If possible can you share a link to the editor? That would be very helpful in debugging

Hi @gaurav . Another error is here

Thank you and your team for all plugins and widgets

@gaurav Getting a new error this week. Has been fine up until now.

So there’s been no change to the plugin itself. This would show up if the library isn’t loaded.
Maybe refresh the page (clearing the cache too) and then try? Do try in incognito mode too

@gaurav try instantiating the element only when the document is ready.
$(document).ready( $.toast(settings) );

Hmm… that’s quite weird since in this plugin there’s no elements and the scripts are in the plugin header (so they should get loaded with the page directly). The only reason I can think of this error showing up is the source library no longer exists or the alert is the among the first workflow action (e.g. when page is loaded).

Are others seeing this exact same error?

Just published a version including @seanhoots suggestion. @gregjohnkeegan @eren let me know if this issue persists?

Yeah you’re right, if there is no element then it should work.
I just tested the version before and the current one and they both work at my end.
So might just be something blocking the source library from loading for whatever reason.

Thanks @gaurav Look like it persists for me and my colleagues.

I’ve not updated my server (I’m on dedicated) or done Dev work during the time period that it’s occurred. Strange one.

I have a hunch that bubble team is making changes to the plugin builder. There seems to be a reviews tab (I dont recall seeing that before). Maybe just wait it out?

Good idea. Pushing an update as well.

@gaurav I noticed that when I add the Tagger plugin on top of the AirAlert plugin, it breaks the AirAlerts. The Toast error that folks mentioned above triggers when Tagger is installed, but go away when it isn’t.

You’re right. It looks like the tagger plugin messes up airalert