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New Slug Feature for Customizable URLs

I get this answear from the support “This is actually a current known issue / feature request. And the workaround as you’ve demonstrated, is to use the thing’s id instead. I’ll make sure the team knows you’d love to see this feature come to life. (I would too!)”

actually I was using this in Reusable Element while the defaut Thing was used for something else

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Same exact problem I had, but I had to use a workaround

In the first onboarding step of my app I ask users for first name and last name and subsequently set a slug that is firstname-lastname for that user.

My current issue: A user signed up for my app twice accidentally using two different email addresses - and subsequently both users (though different accounts) had the exact same slug. Clicking on one user’s profile picture would take me to the other user’s profile.

Is this an error? Or expected behavior and I have to check for exisiting slugs before setting them?

Thank you!

Interesting, you might want to file a bug report because it’s definitely not expected behavior. It should append slug-1, slug-2, slug-3, etc

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Thank you, I filed a bug report.

I was also able to reproduce the issue at hand for another user. Twice the exact same slug for two different unique ids.

If you generate the slug, that may occurs. If you let bubble manage the slug, that would not occur and you should get -1,-2,…, suffix as said by @johnny.

So I guess you manage the slug definition by your own? In the Bubble doc, there’s a chapter on the slug feature including warnings. Have a look, that may help.

Thanks. The error only occurs in the live version of my app, which is why I think it‘s a bug. I submitted a bug report for this. Let‘s see.


Regarding slug, I am a bit lost with the conitionals ‘can have the slug value’ / ‘cannot have the slug value’, when using a input element to let the user (try to) create a slug

How do these conditionals work ?

My input is in a group set to the type of the thing I want the slug to be created. The group is correctly set with the thing item (using display data). But the “When parent group’s thing can have the slug value” conditional does not work at all, I have no isse in the issue checker but this conditional is not taken into account + red font color in the conditional rule.

Did anybody already succeed in checking a slug set by a user this way ? Is the doc up to date ?

Many thanks !

Hey @emmanuel! Unfortunately I am a bit lost here - the problem prevails and my app is creating duplicate slugs which leads to errors in workflows throughout my app (i would assume that this is potentially important for many users). What am I supposed to do now? Thanks in advance!

I think I figured out what the issue is: Privacy settings - if slugs are hidden by privacy rule, this causes my app to create duplicate slugs - if I make slugs visible, duplicate slugs will not be created.

I am not sure that this is intended behavior because duplicate slugs can lead to unexpected referencing errors in workflows throughout the app.

Bubble support confirmed that this bug existed which has now been resolved.

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@johnny - this page link no longer works. Possible to update it? Would be helpful to see the documentation and how you set up this API workflow on a bulk list of items in your database.

Hey there @alexb,

Ah yes, Bubble did a rework of their Manual: Using Page Slugs - Bubble Docs

@eve- would you be able to edit the post I have above and replace the link? Thanks!