*NEW* Speech to Text Streaming with DeepGram (+Silence detection)

Hey all,

I just published a new plugin that will allow you to have real-time speech to text with the cheapest and most performant model on the market.

Nova-2 from DeepGram.

  • Create a Deepgram account and a API key
  • Add the api key in the plugin tab of your bubble app
  • Add the DeepgramLiveTranscription element in your page
  • To start recording trigger a workflow as you wish :
    – First step is to “create a temp token”
    – then you can start_recording action of the element

If you do not want the recording to stop when it detects a silence leave the “pause if silent” field empty.

You can start, pause or stop recording.
You have access to few different states, please check the demo editor :

And you can test it here :

If you have any suggestions for features don’t hesitate :slight_smile: