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Realtime Voice transcription with Assembly AI & Deepgram

The plugin lets you embed Assembly AI into your Bubble app and do real-time voice transcription.

Demo page:
Editor: AssemblyAI | Bubble Editor
Marketplace: Realtime Transcription Plugin | Bubble

The Plugin has two controls - start and stop .
The Plugin has some useful exposed states;

  • transcription - the transcribed audio as text.
  • isRecording - yes/no - useful for showing to your users that they are recording.
  • status - a clue as to what is happening internally with the recording/transcription status
  • length seconds - how long the recording/transcription is so far - useful for throttling the length of transcription.
  • is final transcript? - whether the final transcript has been sent.

And three events - useful for wiring into your workflows

  • recording starting
  • recording stopping
  • final Transcript Received

Optionally when you start a recording you can set the level of console logging message to a higher level. The default is “no” - a lower level of debug message.

The plugin also has a backend action Assembly AI - get temp token - safe to use within the web browser. This means your Assembly AI key is not revealed in the browser, and that only requests from your Bubble app for a temporary token are processed.

Purchase of this plugin comes with reasonable support to get you up and running.


If you are looking for Deepgram Realtime Transcription Plugin see here

Deepgram is very similar to AssembyAI - perhaps with slightly lower pricing and a more generous “free” account. Both have very good accuracy.

Hey Lindsay. Thanks for setting this up. Any idea why the recording wouldn’t start? My input says “Starting…” but I don’t get a pop-up to allow recording and no audio is transcribed.

EDIT: Had to add “Token” in front of the API key. Working well now!

EDIT 2: How can I clear the deepgram? I am building a mock interview tool and users can record their responses to be transcribed. Each answer should be brand new but right now it’s continuing the previous conversation.

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Fixed - refresh your Editor to pick up the new Plugin version. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: