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New Startup Built With Bubble -

Hi Guys,

After a couple of months of hard work and numerous helping hands from the great bubble community i would like to introduce Locate.

Locate allows you to shorten a physical addresses to a 6 digit alphanumeric code that can then be used to autofill address input such as at checkouts and user registration pages etc…

For me address input can get very frustrating, especially on mobile apps (i cant stress how annoying i find it trying to order pizza on my phone.). By only having to enter a 6 digit code that contains all of the address data required, Locate removes this frustration by autofilling those pesky address lines.

We have full API documentation, on how to easily implement Locate into your apps, available at

Please be aware that the design is still in its infancy however the focus has been geared towards the backend and how data is accessible and saved.

Any feedback or questions would be greatly appreciated…

And happy bubbleing,


Find us at -


First of all congrats on your achievement :smile: I love the concept and i do encounter the same problem as you do, idk why people did not come up with this before.

Now lets talk about 6 digit, if you look at the combinations with out repeating those 6 digits because every address is unique you can generate " 60480 " thats with out using 0 if you use 0 you can generate " 136080 ". Do you have strategy on scaling later?

correct me if i am wrong

Combinations results from here



Thanks for the response. You are 100% right however i have forgotten to mention the code is alphanumeric… This should mean there are around 2.1 billion variations. I have a feeling if we hit that threshold then the problem may no longer be mine to deal with. Sorry for the lack of info there on my part.

We are also offering free custom Locate ID’s to early users and adoptors, so drop me a PM if interested.


Check this out could be useful for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. Interesting to look at sectors they have integrated into within india.

That domain name tho. I like this project - great work.

On the find_locate_id page, how are you displaying addresses based on the current user’s location, and returning autocomplete suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback. Its always nice to get validation for your idea…

Im a little confused about the question however ill do my best to answer. (probably me just been a little thick.)

In terms of the address input (this input is actually a search input variant on bubble), we dont use the users current location. The autocomplete relies on what the user types… this then gets sent to the map to focus on that address. The auto complete suggestions are taken from the google map that we are sending the search bar input to.

Hope that helps



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Thanks for the info. That answers my question.

Again, an awesome concept. I feel like a great UI would do wonders to help this become widely adopted. As would partnerships with shopping carts.

Great app, you should send to Product Hunt.
2 points: it didn’t work with my address (it keeps in “your locate address is …”), and I 'd use the map right in home page. And it would be nice to get a prettier design (current is effective, but can improve).

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Hi guys,

Thanks from the great feedback… The UI does definitely need to change and I might have to steal the idea of having the search locate Id on the home page :slight_smile:

Csfalco when you say it doesn’t seem to work… Does the locate id not shown when you press search? And what imputed where you using? Just the main address or apartment/business too? Sorry for the questions…

I’m terms of the shopping cart plugin… We are mid development off a woo commerce plugin for wordpress and in earl discussions with other vendors.




Hi Guys,

Just a quick update, i have recently pushed an update to Locate that i feel improves the UI no end. Its by no means the final thing but i feel it does the job for an initial launch (P.s i stole the idea to have the search for Locate ID on the front page). The site now also crucially responsive. Check it out here:

Oh and we are also now on product hunt It would be great if you could give the page on there some love.

Many Thanks,


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It’s working perfect now - my address is 9JWTZE :smiley:.
Pretty impressive! Just up vote (+shared) in Product Hunt


Hi Cesar,

Thank you so much… Now that we have the tech working we are working incredibly hard to get Locate Integrated into as many areas as possible… We are already working on woocommerce, shopify and magneto plug ins to really create an ease of use for websites and developers when we sell the idea of Locate to them.

Obviously the key to this is getting people to adopt it… Looking at the main two competitors out there they have gone down the App Model… We believe that allowing people to shorten there address needs to be as simple and open and possible… Hiding behind a registration and an app download just to get a user to shorten their address, for us, is not viable for convincing people to adopt such a new idea on mass…



I love this idea!!! Really great. Two ideas for you:

  1. If you can, assign codes to a number of high-profile landmarks such as:

TWTTER - 1355 Market St. Ste. 900 San Francisco, CA 94103 (Twitter’s headquarters)
WHTHSE - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 (White house)

and show an example listing

and, if you can, allow people to pick their own - this would get you more traction because people want to grab theirs before it’s too late.

  1. Start working on an API (even if only very basic) as I think this idea could really take off. The api will differentiate you from your other name shortener services and it will also promote adoption of this by the tech community.

Oh and one more thing… If you do let people pick their own, let me know because I want to grab the code : BADASS before it’s gone…:slight_smile:



Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Great idea for having examples… thats moving to the top of my to-do list.

I am also working on having custom ID’s howvever im currently getting my head around a suitable way of doing it while making sure people dont try and assign custom codes to places they dont live…

In terms of the API i actually have documentation of how to access it here
Its a simple API as A) i want it to be as accessible as possible and has simple to understand as possible and B) i have limited tech skills haha.

If you call the API at it should work. Please let me know if other wise :slight_smile:

PM me a locate ID of your address and i will save BADASS in my ever growing spreadsheet of requested custom Locate ID’s for you.



im also toying with the idea of adding qr codes to a Locate ID, so that businesses in particular can not only having a custom branded Locate ID for there address, but also a QR code they could put on advertising etc ,that takes the scanner to their address on google/apple maps etc. Shops with billboards are a good example, im always seeing ads for brick and mortar stores, but see no practical way of them actually efficiently catching my attention as to there actual location.

Any thoughts?

I was thinking about the problem of “fake” custom codes also. Perhaps users can see if a custom code that they want is available and then you could make them signup (login with google, twitter, facebook) to claim a custom code and maybe give them 1-2 physical addresses per signup.

I’ll PM you my address.

Oh, one last question, does apartment number work for suite too? If so, perhaps it should say suite / apt # or something like that.

I recently listened to a Ted Talk, or something on NPR, that talked about this type of concept for areas of the world that don’t even have an address. They could just define a spot on a map and assign it an alphanumeric code that could be used to deliver goods and services to it.

Is this some variant of that? What makes different from eddress –

Your right there, an account would definitely be necessary. Im sure i will come up with something.

The suite is a funny one, if you enter the suite in the outright address entry bar it will pick it up, as im use you have found however it doesn’t seem to show you that in the autocomplete. - i will more than likely change the text displayed in the address entry field to explain that.

Any though on the QR code linking?