User home address verification

I’d like to build home address (or at the least zip code) verification for my platform. Similar to

Does anyone know of a service / API that can do this?

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There are quite a few out there. Melissadata, easypost, addressdoctor, edq, byteplant, and SmartyStreets. I happen to work with SmartyStreets so I can give you a lot of information about how to use our API if you are interested. One way to check it out would be on our demo:


Thanks for the suggestion but what I need is ID verification (verify that a person lives at an address they stated). Not address validation (checking if an address is valid).

I ended up going with for now

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Hi Rushabh, I’m totally new to Bubble. I couldn’t work out how to contact you other than this? I saw Louie’s Club in the Bubble Showcase and wanted to build something just like that in Australia. Are you able to help me and or sell me the ‘base’? Thanks David