New Table Element BUG - Bubble version 29

Hi everyone,
I’m having issues with the new element “Table”.

Before upgrading to Bubble version 29, I had severe issues with autobinding and deleting items. If I edited an input value autobinded to a row’s item field, 99% of the times it didn’t get modified. All privacy rules were set up correctly.
Similarly, if I started a workflow by clicking on a button in a table, to delete that row’s item, the loading bar appeared and started loading for 30 seconds. After that, the item was not deleted at all.

Now I upgraded to version 29, and those 2 issues seemed to be gone, but another one arised: after hiding and showing a table, all the items in the row are not rendering anymore:

BEFORE hiding/showing


the strange thing is that the values are still there, inspecting the table I get:

They are simply not rendering.

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