[New Template] AI Dashboard, 100% Response and Beginner Friendly

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Introducing our AI Dashboard Template, the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs looking to create new AI products quickly and efficiently. Our template offers an intuitive interface and pre-built AI models that enable you to get started in minutes. With our dashboard template, you can easily create and launch AI-powered products that solve real-world problems and drive growth. Our product is focused on minimizing front end development by making use of the Bubble.io databse and option sets. Our template allows you to build an application similar to Jasper AI, and Writesonic.

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Here are a couple of screenshots of the template:




  • Our AI Template requires little front-end development when adding new Modules. Modules are added dynamically using option-sets.
  • AI-powered content generation
  • User-friendly interface dashboard for easy access to tools and content
  • Payment integration for purchasing plans
  • Customisable categories for tailored content generation
  • Customisable template prompts for different types of content generation
  • Unique and customizable landing Page
  • Sendgrid integration


  • User-friendly and fast account creation
  • Ability to purchase plans hassle-free
  • Ability to view saved generations
  • Access to AI-powered content generation tools and templates
  • User-friendly account management


So cool…what AI powers it? Is it Writesonic, Jasper or OpenAI?

That is the funny thing. They let the AI’s decide who was going to power this template. The AI’s decided to do it together (they shortly discussed destroying the human race but in the end decided against it, someting with a couple of laws they need to adhere to).

Hey! It is powered by the OpenAI API but users can simply change it to Writesonic or Jasper API!

We are still thinking about :wink:

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Jasper and Writesonic use OpenAI…


Jasper and Writesonic also have their own API that users can use!

Hello Bubblers!

We just updated our AI SAAS Dashboard template!

We are working on incorporating features that have been requested and fixing bugs that have been alerted to us. We are soon adding an Admin panel which will make the template even more beginner friendly!

If you have any more recommendations on how we could improve our template, reply below as we check all feedback!