Now Available Generative AI Free Template

Now Released a Free Template that uses the Writesonic AI.

Get ahead of the game and get your Free API Key to start using as soon as it is available.

Writesonic Generative AI template enables you to use generative AI in your Bubble apps in ways OpenAI and ChatGPT out of the box can not. With over 70 different types of requests you are sure to find loads of ways to use this powerful template in your existing and future projects.

Writesonic is a leading generative AI that allows you to create content better than OpenAI or ChatGPT out of the box…why? Because, Writesonic uses up to date data by searching Google to find data relevant to your prompts.

Description from Writesonic website:

“Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content
for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.”

Free API Key

This template will help you create loads of content for your app, as well as enable tons of AI powered features for your SaaS products.

Some ideas of what you can do with Writesonic template:

  1. Automate review responses
  2. Pre-populate a forum with questions and answers
  3. Generate Email copy for customer communications
  4. Generate Real Estate Listings
  5. Summarize Content
  6. Rephrase Content
  7. Automate social media posts
  8. Automate product descriptions
  9. Generate Landing Page Copy
  10. Generate engaging Blog Articles

…there are numerous ways to leverage this powerful generative AI through use of the template in your app.

The template is built with mobile design in mind. The template is fully mobile responsive, built on the flexbox responsive system and utilizes paid plugins to create the perfect mobile experience. While on a mobile web browser, the template page height is set to accommodate the browser address bar, so no content is cut off when the browser address bar is visible. Additionally, the page is not scrollable, so it is a great template for Single Page Apps. Furthermore, the web browser built in function to refresh the page if a user scrolls up when at the top of the page is disabled, so there is no unintended reloading of the page and all of the data; another must have for any Single Page App.

If you are excited about generative Artificial Intelligence and are looking for ways to automate your content creation to help add to your blog and generate blog articles, this template will help you add such features to your existing app. If you are looking to boost your SEO and get higher rankings on Google, this template can assist. If you get stuck with your landing page and need some fresh ideas of content to add, this template can help.

For any customization/development requests please reach out to [email protected] or a private message.

Note, this Free template uses some Paid plugins that power the mobile responsiveness.

Note, this Free template uses a Private Plugin for powering the AI functionality. For access to the Private Plugin please reach out via email [email protected] or through private message. Access to the Private Plugin will require either payment or verification of Writesonic subscription through the Affiliate Link.