[New Template] Cloud Freelance Portfolio Template

Hi all!

Putting out my first template:

A clean, airy portfolio template designed for showcasing creative work. Fully-responsive for optimized viewing on mobile, tablet, and web.

Working in brand and marketing, a lot of my projects are best framed as case studies. I wanted the ability to easily build custom project pages with both text and responsive image blocks. I created a simple element block editor and admin functions in the app to help me do that.

I just finished the Bubble bootcamp where Iā€™m working on a separate app and decided to transfer those skills into updating my own portfolio as a smaller project :slight_smile:

As this is my first template, would love any and all feedback from the community!

Thanks so much!



Looks great, congrats on publishing a template!

Thank you! And thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile: