[New template] - Dropshipping with Printful

This template integrates the Snipcart E-Commerce system and the Printful API, so that you can build a Dropshipping business with Bubble.

If you like you can also use the OpenAI API to let an AI write product descriptions for you.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Setup Printful

Now you need a Printful API token.

To create a Printful API token, you will need to have a Printful account and be signed in to the account. Then follow these steps:

Go to https://developers.printful.com/ login or create an account.

After login click on Private Token in the Private Token Section. Make a copy of your Private Token for use later.

In Bubble open the API connector plugin and expand the Printful API section.

You’ll find three API Call.

  • Printful Products

  • Printful Variant

  • Printful Variants

Expand every section. In the Headers section enter

Key: Authorization

Value: Bearer YOUR-PRINTFUL-TOKEN (Don’t use mine. It’s for demonstration purpose.)

Klick on the checkbox ‘Private’

  1. Setup Snipcart

You’ll need to register, or login to Snipcart.

Login or create an account on https://snipcart.com

Open your dashboard here https://app.snipcart.com/dashboard/account/credentials and copy your Snipcart API-Key.

Now go to the Snipcart plugin page in Bubble and paste the key in the SNIPCART-API-KEY field.

  1. OpenAI

If you want to use OpenAI for your product descriptions you need an account on OpenAi https://beta.openai.com/

In Bubble open the API connector plugin and expand the OpenAI API section.

At the top set the Authentication to HTTP Basic Auth and paste your API secret key into the password field.

Note: If you want to deploy your Bubble app make shure to switch to the Live version in your Snipcart account.


Then open https://app.snipcart.com/dashboard/account/domains and fill out all informations Snipcart needs. Please read the Snipcart documentation. Especially you need to setup a webhook to connect Snipcart to Printful.

Go to your Printful store and click on “Manual order platform/API”. Follow the steps there.