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[New Template] Mobile UI components library

Awesome Template! Thank you so much!
Quick question:
If you want to sign up but have not yet entered your e-mail address, a banner appears with the following message “Oops. Please include an email”.

Where can I find this banner in the workflows? I would like to edit it.

Thank you in advance.

Btw, quick feedback:
It would be super cool if you labeled the workflows that belong to each other (e.g. registration/login, messaging, gallery,…) with different colors in the template, then it would be easier to find everything. I have already done this for myself, but I think it would be an added value for new users of the template.

Hey @Yalcin

Thanks for the feedback. I will release a new version for the new responsive engine soon, there the workflows will be organized in folders.

On your question: the toast is triggered by error handling workflows:

Hope this helps!

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The new release sounds great!

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, that helps.

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ok this has been a lot of work. but it’s finally done. The template is now fully updated for Bubble’s new responsive engine!!

also added some cool new features like this sliding menu with glassmorphism effect


@d9999 looks great!

Till now I have build everything from scratch. In the past with other tools I did not had great experiences with templates as it often took me more time to figure out why my changes broke areas of the template than it saved me time.

As I am not familiar with bubble templates, can I easy change things like coloring, fonts, add extra elements or remove some plus adding plugins and other features?

In addition, I suppose this template can be very easily wrapped as a native app?

Are there other cons I need to think of before buying?

hi @sem
thanks for reaching out. On a high level:

  • can I easy change things like coloring, fonts → yes, for some elements this can be done via adjusting the styles, for some elements this needs to be done individually
  • add extra elements or remove some plus adding plugins and other features → yes, the template serves as a basis or simply to copy past element so another app. think of it like a bubble app you have built yourself. Everything is fully adjustable, but you need to be able to understand how the template works to do so.
  • In addition, I suppose this template can be very easily wrapped as a native app? → depends on how you define “easily” and what wrapping features you need. its the same as for any app built on bubble. I also have a paragraph on that in the template documentation. there is a lot of different solutions…have a look at or 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 🔷 and
  • Are there other cons I need to think of before buying? → the template really serves as a starting point. the template focuses on really nice UI/UX and therefore has a certain complexity. to get value out of it you still need to be somewhat experienced with bubble. i recommend having a look at the documentation before deciding to buy. the documentation should give you a good impression. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Hope this helps

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Thanks! And I forgot to ask, is it multi language in such that app text is used for instance?

Not sure if i understand „such that app text is used for instance“. But the template does not have any special multi language features out of the box. I would recommend you to have a look at the documentation. All the features are described there.

If there is text in the template and apptext is used you can easily change the text or translate the text in the settings page of the app.

ah got it now, thanks. No, all the text in the template is hard coded.

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@d9999 If I need to use data captured from desktop site in mobile site does it make sense to have 2 apps or can I use some of your mobile UI kit in a mobile specific page of desktop site?

You dont need two apps. You can just add another page that’s optimized for desktop

I built a desktop site and now need a mobile but different complimentary site.

Hey, I’ve been working on your template and as a first timer it’s been a lifesaver. I might bug you with questions but so far so good, though I don’t understand why you sometimes use “scroll to index” just before changing the state of index. Could you explain? Thanks!

Thanks @martin.sacchi. sure, simple reason: On some pages the user can scroll down. If you then change the active state the user is shown a different part of the app they are still scrolled down, which is bad UX. Does not happen often in practice as many views are limited to 100% of the screen height

@ty.briscoe If you already have a desktop page, wh cant you just make it responsive and user it as a mobile page?

Thanks for the help so far.

Could you help me with a chat issue? I’ve tested your original template without modifications and it also happens. Basically, when you send a message in the chat, the last letter (word?) is sent to another line. Look:

So “HOLA” becomes:

“Hello there!” becomes:

How would I fix this? Your settings seem perfect, max width 100% with adjustable width based on content. Maybe a quick fix would be just adding a space at the end of the text in the repeatable group of messages, but I was wondering if this is normal or how you think is the best way to tackle it.

@d9999 I review this template few months ago and it had an easy way to add places by clicking the + sign on the map (image attached). I bought the template 2 weeks ago and just found out that such feature is not longer there, may I know why it was taken off and how can I add it back? Thanks

hey @victordove. i did not add this for the new responsive engine. added it now:

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hey @martin.sacchi. so i have looked into this. i can’t replicate the error. i tried various browsers and sizes. what phone / browser are you using to preview?