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[New Template] Mobile UI components library

Made a short video tutorial on how this works:

great template. are the videos in the tiktok feed uploaded to bubble directly? Is there a way to control the file upload size limit?

hey there. yes the videos are just saved to the bubble DB - but i think if you want to do something that works well on a very large scale, you need to host it somewhere else. yes, the file uploader that comes with bubble has a file size limit.

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After many users have asked for this, I’ve added a new map and search feature based on geographical proximity to our template. Check it out:

Untitled design (1)

This is great if you want to display some kind of place (eg. restaurants or hotels) form your database to the user.

This is based on standard Google maps used in Bubble and some simple CSS code, without the need for any paid plugins.

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Amazing template! Would be great to have some kind of short video tutorial about the functionalities. Read the documentation but a quick video explaining the structure (states, the floating groups/icons, the CSS, DB and how to best build a new site/group would be amazing!! (or does it exist somewhere?)


Thanks for the feedback. I will think about it.

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Hello, your template is really awesome. I’d like to make an app like tiktok and I came across your video. Does it offer the possibility of writing comments? It looks like tiktok? How can I load this template and make an app like this? I’m just a starter and I have never learned coding or using web app builder.

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thanks :slight_smile: see here for the preview of the video feed: Your Bubble app

It’s a rather simplified version, just focussing on the video feed part. it currently does not have a comment functionality, profiles, etc. (and no algorithms that mange who sees what videos). You can certainly add most of that with bubble hoverver. Having said that, if you are new to bubble, i would suggest you first do some course / tutorials to get familiar with how bubble works. what you intend to build is not going to be easy if you don’t have some level of experience with bubble. you will also need to connect an external video hosting service if you plan on having good performance at scale.

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I have some questions. I purchased the template and its great. Im trying to modify the Kanban board but couldnt find how to in the documentation. Can you please help?

@jovante.ham gladly, can you DM me your questions / where you are stuck? I also added a paragraph to the documentation, hope this helps:

Dumb question, but how do I change the background color on web? Can’t find the corresponding element in the Elements Tree. I read the documentation and I think it might be located in HTML or CSS but can’t figure out which one. Thanks!

You need to change HTML B:

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Thank you, the problem was the 6 conditions. I had changed the appearance on condition #1 and it still didn’t behave as expected. But I hadn’t scrolled down to change the colors on the other conditions! Thanks

ah got it. Yes these conditions make sure that the status bar color fits the content…