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[New Template] Multipurpose Dashboard Template

Hello everyone,
We have just released a new template called “Finance Dashboard”, a multipurpose template that works for dashboard, visualization
It has been crafted using the bubble’s responsive engine.
A financial reporting dashboard gives a high-level visualisation of such things as expenses by division and income and budget margin over time. This dashboard should be easily customizable and allow for detailed analysis of variables such as expense type, allowing finance and expense operations teams to manage and forecast budget and expenses in real-time.

• 100% responsive
• Completely customizable
Clean and simplified layout

The Finance Dashboard contains the following:

  1. Home Page
  2. Dashboard 1
  3. Dashboard 2
  4. Sign Up or Log In
  5. Profile Page

This Dashboard Contain Multi Chart Plugin . For better visualization you need to install it.

The Finance Template is fully functional with a clean and impactful design emphasising your rich content first and foremost.

The finance dashboard gives you a way to
1.Customer metrics
2.Financial information
3.Sales information
4.Web analytics
5.Manufacturing information
6. Human resources data
7.Marketing performance
8.Logistics information

It gives you a better way to Analyze, Organise,Prensent,Data Collection,Interpretation

Feel free to check out the demo.

Multichart Plugin

Thank You

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