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Scribely is a Nocode content writing on-demand platform where you can order all types and kinds of content writing, e.g. blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, etc.

Template Page ScribeLY - Content Writing/Copywriting On-demand Platform


  • Fully responsive pages
  • Stripe payment and payout integration
  • Messaging system
  • Unique UI design
  • Open AI text generation: For content/article idea generation


There are two types, Agency and Solo business.

Agency clients can order content on behalf of several sub-clients, while solo business client can only order content for themselves.

AI article ideas generator

Clients can generate article ideas and save them in folders, move ideas through folders, and request content with the generated/saved ideas.

Add writers to preferred list

Clients can add writers to their preferred writers’ list, when clients with preferred writers request content, those writers see the content first, and the content becomes visible to other writers after a few hours if no preferred writer claims the job.


Clients can message, and share files and images with their preferred writers or with the writer currently working on their content.

Stripe payment integration

Clients can buy words that can be used to order content and can also see their payment history and card details for seamless word purchases.

Agency clients can see the invoices for the content requested on behalf of each sub-client.

Progress tracking

Clients can track and know what progress their content is at, e.g., New, In progress, awaiting approval, and completed.

Approve content, request revision

A client can approve content submitted by writers or request for revision. They can download the PDF file of the finished job.

Clients can also leave star reviews and predefined comments like Well-researched, detailed, poor grammar, etc.


Claim jobs

Writers can claim jobs and can track their claimed jobs and completed jobs. They can submit the finished job and wait for the clients to approve or request for revision. When the client approves the job, the writer’s balance gets credited with the appropriate funds.

Set Job preference

Writers can set what type of jobs they love to work on, the platform will recommend jobs to them based on their job preferences. They can also search for jobs outside of their job preferences.

Connect Stripe for payouts and set payout frequency

Writers need to connect their stripe account to enable payouts and can also set how they prefer to receive their payments, e.g., weekly or monthly.

Writers also see their payout histories and statuses, i.e. paid or failed.

Note: Payouts are only available for writers in the same country as the platform’s country.


Manage clients and writers

Admin can suspend, activate, and deactivate writers and clients. The accounts of clients and writers react accordingly to their statuses, i.e., an account with a suspended status will not be able to view anything on their accounts and will be shown a popup explaining why they are experiencing restrictions on their account.

Manage content

The admin can edit or delete content. They can also see the progress of each content and filter by progress

Set words price and delivery days

The admin can set prices for word ranges, i.e., 300 - 5,000 words will be $0.04 per word and would take 3 days before it gets delivered.

Clients ordering content see the delivery days based on the word count of their requested content and they also see the countdown of the due date which is based on the set delivery days.

Set compensation for writers based on the number of completed jobs

Admin can compensate users based on the number of jobs they’ve completed on the platform. i.e., a client orders a piece of content with 4,500 words count, a writer with 5 completed jobs claims it, and admin sets compensation for 0-10 jobs completed at $0.04. The writer gets paid $0.04. x 4,500 = $180.

Enable/disable payouts

Admin can enable payouts which would be sent to writers with a connected stripe account and writers would be scheduled to receive payments based on their payout frequency, i.e, weekly or monthly.

Set how long before unclaimed jobs become visible to other writers

The admin can set how many hours before an unclaimed job meant for preferred writers becomes available to other writers.

Note: Payouts are only sent to writers stripe with the same country as the platform.


Admin portal

Writer Portal

Let me know your thoughts and I welcome any question.

Admin portal

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